Podcast #155: Latest news, new faces of Slush, Valerann and smart roads

In this week’s episode of Podcast, you'll get an overview of the most important tech news in Europe, as well as a deeper insight into the future of the Slush conference and the prospects of smart toll roads in Europe. Podcast #155: Latest news, new faces of Slush, Valerann and smart roads Podcast hosted by Andrii Degeler is a show in which we discuss some of the most interesting stories from the European technology scene and interview leading entrepreneurs and investors from across the region.

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Here are some extra reading links for this week’s topics.

🎧 These were the 10 biggest European tech stories this week

🎧 Miika Huttunen, the new CEO of Slush, on the conference's USP, exclusive side events, and the future of the Sauna Village

🎧 The future of smart roads: an interview with Michael Vardi of Valerann and Angela Montánchez of GlobalVia

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