A new Alliance: Learn all about marketing and growth from leaders at Airbnb, N26, HotJar and more

A new Alliance: Learn all about marketing and growth from leaders at Airbnb, N26, HotJar and more

Today, we're excited to announce a fresh alliance with a company called Alliance (I had to do that) and the renowned Vlerick Business School for an upcoming interactive masterclass designed specifically for marketing and growth teams working at European tech scale-ups.

Alliance was born to help European technology companies scale faster by organising interactive masterclasses where their team members can learn directly from a network of like-minded leaders and world-class experts.

For this specific masterclass on 'Marketing Leadership', aspiring and existing leaders in tech marketing and growth can learn how to recruit and lead remote teams, drive channel growth and influence teams to achieve company-wide goals. Most importantly, they will learn to overcome known marketing challenges experienced by some of the world's fastest-growing technology companies.

The courses themselves are taught by real 'leaders in the field' such as Wolfgang Oberauer, head of EMEA Operations at Airbnb, Dean Bakker, the Director of Product at N26, Holded's VP of Growth Adelina Peltea, the marketing execs behind success stories like HotJar and Red Points, etc.

They are complemented by a duo of professors of marketing from Vlerick, a triple-accredited, international business school located in the heart of Europe (much like tech.eu for that matter). This is, as the saying goes, the real deal.

The masterclass is fully online and interactive, and takes five - rather intensive - weeks to complete. Marketers and growth specialists can apply now to be selected for the program, after which they will be invited to convene at an exclusive (offline) kick-off event in their area to network and exchange experiences with other selected leaders.

What is great about this masterclass is that selected participants will receive access to several modules filled with practical content and exercises from experienced practitioners, and they can use the knowledge to solve their own challenges - instead of just listening to what worked in the expert’s company. Participants also get to interact directly with the experts and their peers in weekly live calls, in group and one-on-one.

Pricing for the masterclass, which will debut in March 2021, is straightforward: €2,995 for 1 individual from a European tech scale-up, and €7,500 for a team of 3 people.

You can apply for the masterclass now - please note that seats are limited!

As an aside, there is also a separate 'Scale-up Masterclass' primarily targeted at startup founders and C-level execs at high-growth tech companies, if that is more up your alley!

We're thrilled about this new partnership with Alliance and Vlerick, and for tech.eu to help turn the upcoming masterclass into the most valuable resource for marketing ang growth leaders in European tech scale-ups to grow their businesses faster and more efficiently.

More coming soon!

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