"Video recording for really busy people": SuperNormal scores $2 million seed round led by EQT Ventures to serve remote teams

SuperNormal, a 'remote-first' startup building an AI platform for business video recordings, has secured $2 million in seed funding in a round led by EQT Ventures.

A number of angel investors from the Nordics - the company has roots in Stockholm - also participated, including David Helgason (Unity), Hampus Jakobsson (Pale Blue Dot), Mattias Miksche (HEM Design Studio) and Thomas Madsen-Mygdal (TwentyThree, Techfestival, etc.).

SuperNormal is building what it refers to as a 'one-click communication platform for work', employing video and screen recording tools to help teams create and send asynchronous video updates throughout the day. SuperNormal videos include instant transcripts and 'AI-powered summaries' to help teams get their messages across faster, as it enables them scan through the digests or easily skip to the most relevant sections, the company notes.

Colin Treseler (CEO) and Fabian Perez co-founded SuperNormal nearly a year ago, bringing product and design experience from companies like GitHub, Instagram, Facebook, and Klarna to the table.

Teams at GitHub are actually already using SuperNormal, the startup says, as well as 400 other teams from big companies like Spotify and Line.

As the company notes in the press release accompanying the funding announcement, building a slick professional collaboration tool seems like a visionary thing to do right before a global pandemic:

"In the era of digital everything, teams increasingly choose where and how they want to work and live. In addition, the coronavirus pandemic has accelerated the adoption of remote working, now fast becoming the norm. However, having teams based across different locations and time zones often results in people waking up to streams of Slack notifications, emails, trackers, and conversations that are no longer relevant or contain the most up-to-date information. While some team members have been sleeping, decisions have been made and goals altered. This can result in remote working being lonely and inefficient, with current tools only addressing fragments of its challenges -- which is why SuperNormal was born."

Check out the Mac Desktop App (and Chrome extension) here: SuperNormal.app.

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