London/Milan-based MultiPay Global Solutions launches to facilitate any payment, anywhere

London/Milan-based MultiPay Global Solutions launches to facilitate any payment, anywhere

Building upon the reality of the “new” world we all now live in, London and Milan-based MultiPay Global Solutions hits the market today with the aim of providing consumers (and merchants) the seamless payment method we’ve become accustomed to.

With e-commerce transactions rising 46% in the UK over the course of the pandemic, consumers have gotten used to a one click purchasing experience. MultiPay’s aim is to provide the same experience and expectation once we return to an in-store, in-restaurant, in-flight, etc. experience.

Powered by a PCI P2PE & PCI DSS L1 validated proprietary API, MutiPay’s solution acts as a single point of integration between any payment method, by any acquirer, in any country. With this single gateway in place, merchants receive a simple, and agile solution with full control over the payment process.

“As the retail, hospitality, travel, and tourism sectors begin to reopen, payments are going to be at the forefront of the customer experience. Being able to take any payment, anywhere will allow businesses to operate much more efficiently, as the same terminal and webpage can be used regardless of the transaction being made,” says Delia Pedersoli, COO at MultiPay Global Solutions.

Launching today, MultiPay comes out of the gate with an impressive existing customer base across 22 countries and includes household name brands such as Frasers Group, Massimo Dutti and Zara.

“Payment is a key part of the customer experience as it is the point where a consumer fully commits to our brand and products. MultiPay Global Solutions understands this and delivers a seamless payment experience while removing the complexities often felt when managing multiple systems,” comments Tony Westwater, Head of IT at Frasers Group, which includes House of Fraser, Sports Direct, Game and Jack Wills. “As we reopen our stores it is great to know that our payment partner has the scale, agility and detailed knowledge of our infrastructure to ensure we are ready and can offer an unbeatable experience.”

Now, whether or not some of those Frasers Group properties will actually be around to reopen … is another story.

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