Belgium-based Faqbot gets snapped up by cloud comms provider Destiny for undisclosed amount

Belgium-based Faqbot gets snapped up by cloud comms provider Destiny for undisclosed amount

Mons, Belgium-based Faqbot has recently been acquired by cloud communications solutions provider Destiny.

Financial details were not disclosed, but we’ve confirmed that Faqbot founder Mathis André will continue to manage the business unit and that all five of Faqbot’s employees will join the Destiny team.

If you’ve ever interacted with a chatbot, and I’m going to guess you have, you’re familiar with the underlying premise of AI powered help. Faqbot is a SaaS platform used for designing chatbots based on, as you might have guessed, a company’s existing FAQ database. The firm currently counts over 30 brands including Hubo, Recupel, Barco and Buy Way with industries ranging from retail, recruitment, energy, customer support and the event sector.

Through the acquisition, Destiny, one of Belgium’s largest and fastest growing telecom providers will effectively add the chatbot feature to their existing portfolio of products on offer. Destiny is predicting a 90% automation of their customer’s sales and lead generation efforts and customer support features.

"The addition of Faqbot's chatbot technology fits perfectly with our buy-and-build strategy to become the European market leader in secure cloud communication solutions. It is easy to roll out in other countries so we can offer it across the Destiny Group, including the Netherlands and France, comments Destiny CEO Daan De Wever. “And it's a perfect fit with our own customer base, which is very similar to Faqbot's and where the demand for chatbot functionality is growing rapidly."

We spoke to Mathias a few years back when he'd just launched Faqbot at the age of 17. With a successful acquisition at age 21, he's definitely one to keep an eye on and see what he cooks up next.

"Obviously as an Entrepreneur indeed I can tell you I have many ideas in my head at the moment and Faqbot is just the beginning of my story, you'll hear again about me. In the next coming months I will focus main part of my energy on the deal with Destiny. Daan the CEO of Destiny has have a good vision with omnichannel and ambition becoming the European market leader in secure cloud communications, And I believe I can help them to complete this vision with the integration of Faqbot technology. BeING part of a scale-up is super good for me to learn and take this experience. I'm looking forward to further develop our technology as part of the Destiny Group," comments André.

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