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Go with the dealflow: Why and how Helsinki wants to attract more angel investors from abroad

Go with the dealflow: Why and how Helsinki wants to attract more angel investors from abroad

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Finland's capital already has a pretty good reputation when it comes to its startup and scale-up ecosystem, which is home to the likes of Supercell, Wolt, Rovio and Aiven, places like Maria 01, and of course the Slush conference/community.

But Helsinki has no intention of leaving it at that.

The investor services team at Helsinki Business Hub, a local organisation dedicated to attracting investments and -ultimately - creating jobs in the wider city region, has so far focused most of its attention on technology scale-ups that often had already raised sizeable funding rounds in support of their growth.

But particularly in these COVID-19 times, they've come to the conclusion that 'moving down the stack' a little is a good idea for the mid to long-term, if only to build stronger relationships with early-stage startup founders sooner in their journeys to grow their business in Helsinki and beyond.

For international angel investors, this means more attention and dedicated services from the city to help identify and ink deals, and connect to local investors.

Finland already has a very active angel investor community - business angel group Finnish Business Angels Network or FiBAN alone counts more than 650 curated members - but Helsinki Business Hub is keen to bring even more cash and connections from abroad to the local startup scene.

The non-profit organisation has brought to life a dedicated department, headed by Linda Emelianov, to make more cross-border angel investments in Finnish startups happen.

What the city-owned organisation is offering international angel investors is what they require most of all: qualified dealflow, by means of a proprietary database built with the help of its extensive knowledge of, and network within the local startup community.

Additionally, Helsinki Business Hub provides personalised introductions to a wide variety of early-stage investors, including other angel investors and groups, startup accelerators, incubators and whatnot.

On top of all that, the organisation runs events with organisations like 'Node by Slush' (a curated online community of founders and investors built and operated by the aforementioned Slush), to facilitate tailor-made introductions and matchmaking opportunities.

Interested angel investors can get in touch with Linda Emelianov by email; Helsinki Business Hub's dedicated Venture Advisor can be reached via [email protected].

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