London-based BioMed connect-the-dots platform Causaly raises $17 million in Series A round

London-based BioMed connect-the-dots platform Causaly raises $17 million in Series A round

London’s AI/machine learning platform that puts all the pieces together in a heartbeat Causaly has raised $17 million in a Series A round led by Index Ventures. Marathon, Pentech, and EBRD also participated. As part of the deal Index Ventures’ Carlos Gonzalez-Cadenas will be joining the board. The fresh funding is expected to increase the technology and sales teams, with the goal of entering the American market.

“Causaly’s platform transforms the biomedical workflow from one of “search, read, and synthesise” to “ask questions and analyse,”’ says Index Ventures’ Gonzalez-Cadenas. “Causaly allows researchers to ask extremely complex questions easily, and get results that would have been nearly impossible otherwise. In an era when Covid has reminded us of the significance of biomedical innovation, Causaly is poised to help unleash the potential of new research for the benefit of humanity.”

Founded in 2018 by Artur Saudabayev and Yiannis Kiachopoulos, in a word, Causaly runs the gamut of biomedical information at speeds incapable by human means. The platform uses AI and machine learning to scour scientific literature, regulatory documents, clinical trials and proprietary research, making a research process all-encompassing.

“Finding a new drug can take over a decade in research, development, and clinical trials, and requires thousands of experts working together with complex evidence,” says Kiachopoulos. “Causaly is the first platform to map correlations and relationships within scientific data, allowing researchers and scientists to innovate rather than having to laboriously find the relationships themselves. This means better decisions about which research areas to prioritise and faster learning cycles. Switching from a ‘standard’ database of documents to Causaly is like going from using a rolodex of phone numbers to having a smartphone. It’s intuitive, interactive, and shows you where you want to go.”

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