Finnish telehealth company Medixine raises €2.9 million, supports healthcare workers through data-driven resource allocation

Finnish telehealth company Medixine raises €2.9 million, supports healthcare workers through data-driven resource allocation

Finland-based Medixine has raised €2.9 million in a crowdfunding campaign organized by Springvest. This capital adds on to the €3.2 million Medixine has already raised over three rounds from investors including the Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra and Vendep Capital. The firm reports that the new funds will be used to propel international presence, particularly in the UK and Central Europe, and further develop new offerings within the Medixine Suite.

Medixine was founded in 2000 by Dr. Tapio Jokinen, and started out life as a consultancy company. Today, the Medixine Suite offers a communication, monitoring and collaboration platform for healthcare workers. With video appointments, a secure chat function, secure messaging, health questionnaires, remote health monitoring, and automated screening features, Medixine seeks to lighten the load for overworked doctors, nurses, and associated support professionals.

With baby boomers now entering the later stages of life, and Gen Xers advancing towards the 65+ age group, healthcare systems are starting to feel the strain. According to the UK’s Office for National Statistics, by the year 2050 a quarter of the population will be aged 65 years or older.

Oh, and then there was this little thing that started last year and is still keeping the healthcare industry on its collective toes.

"There is a strong global trend for more individual, preventative healthcare in almost all age groups. Healthcare centers and hospitals are faced with more and more patients who have high expectations for their healthcare. COVID-19 has further accelerated the need for telehealth solutions, however, the Medixine Suite’s great strength is that it can be used to care for and monitor patients with any illness or condition,” says CEO Lasse Rousi.

Medixine covers 2.5 million patients in the United Kingdom, Spain, Portugal, Finland, and Denmark, and is used by Nestlé Health Science, the NHS, the Finnish Student Healthcare Service, Linde, and the northern and southern hospital areas of Denmark.

”Medixine has a strong background in connected care through its first fifteen years as a consultancy company. By providing large scale and up to national scale bespoke solutions in several countries, including the UK, France and, Finland, our team learned invaluable lessons with hundreds of thousands of users,” says Dr. Jokinen.

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