Berlin-based human-machine interfaces maker Incari raises €15 million in Lukasz Gadwoski led Series A round

Berlin-based human-machine interfaces maker Incari raises €15 million in Lukasz Gadwoski led Series A round

Berlin’s human-machine interfaces maker Incari has raised €15 million in a Series A round led by Delivery Hero/Volocopter/Team Europe’s Lukasz Gadowski. Early investors include Armin Pohl’s Wunderkind Invest, Pius Equity, and angel investor Gunnar Gräf. Having demonstrated succes in designing complex interfaces with a no-code approach in the automotive industry, Incari is slated to use the funding to expand into other industries.

Founded in 2011 by Osman Dumbuya, Incari is taking on the next generation of human-to-machine interfaces. The company points to the emerging fields of Augmented Reality (no really, it will serve an everyday purpose, someday), remote touch, and computer-brain interfaces, i.e. all environments where a mouse and keyboard aren’t going to cut it.

I jest above with the usage of Augmented Reality, but perhaps the missing link here isn’t so much the technology, but rather the human to machine interface. And yes, I’m looking at you Google Glass. Incari points out that, “the future will not be limited to displays and will require a three-dimensional reference, as is the case when virtually representing three-dimensional construction plans on a construction site or controlling a surgical robot arm remotely.”

Working in conjunction with the Fraunhofer Society's Institute for Open Communication Systems and Institute for Industrial Engineering and Organisation and the Daimler Center for Automotive IT Innovations. Incari might have been founded in 2011, but with this new capital is doing a bit of rebranding and reemerging as they move forward beyond specifically focusing on the automotive industry.

"Incari's approach is fascinating. I'm amazed by what the team has already achieved in the automotive sector. These experiences can be carried over to a wealth of other applications. Together, we're now looking to create a large, independent company which is active at the global level," concludes Gadwoski.

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