Team communications defragmenter Sedna raises $34 million

Team communications defragmenter Sedna raises $34 million

Looking to streamline team communications, Sedna has raised $34 million in a Series B round. The London-based startup is tossing inter-office communication and collaboration as we know it out the window, breaking down email and chat silos and providing one singular workspace. With this fresh raise, Sedna will further invest in product development, data science, and go-to-market activities.

Serial entrepreneur Bill Dobie makes the case for Sedna quite clear, “Email is broken, chats are a mess, and getting work done is hard. Sedna’s single digital workspace makes business communication flow. Our intelligent and collaborative email stream breaks down silos so our customers work faster.”

It would appear as though Senda isn’t messing about with the “customers work faster” statement. According to clients including Glencore, Norden, and Bunge, Sedna helps them save, “up to ten hours per week per employee on time spent trawling through inboxes.”

To date, Senda has garnered attention primarily in the global supply chain industry but is now targeting additional markets where teams run complex processes. A prime example would be the company’s recent win of Starling Bank as a customer.

Senda’s new funding round was led by Insight Partners and saw existing investors Stride.VC, Chalfen Ventures and the SAP.iO fund all follow on.

Fred Destin of Stride.VC commented, “You can't crack the code on reinventing team email without re-thinking messaging, collaboration, and transactions all in one, which is exactly what this team has done.”

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