Healthcare staff management platform Hublo raises €22 million

Healthcare staff management platform Hublo raises €22 million

Paris-based Hublo has raised €22 million in a new financing round. The startup provides a digital staff management solution that aims to improve resource planning, recruiting, and staff loyalty in hospitals, clinics, and care facilities. The new funding is expected to fuel the launch of services in four new European countries over the next 18 months.

Born from the merger of Whoog and medGo, Hublo is seeking to provide a solution to the staff management and absenteeism problem within the healthcare industry. A problem which the global pandemic only intensified, Hublo’s platform provides a tool to help manage the replacement of healthcare professionals that need downtime, as well as improves recruiting and the employer-employee relationship.

As the name implies, Hublo acts as a hub connecting healthcare providers with employees, staffing agencies, and temporary workers, allowing for the coordination of replacement assignments. Making the lives of staffing managers all the easier, Hublo also integrates with a number of existing software tools such as payroll and shift management plans.

Hublo currently services some 2,800 hospitals, clinics, and nursing homes, as well as over 400,000 registered and active healthcare professionals in France and Germany. To provide some context of the need, Hublo reports that over 7,000 replacement assignments are posted every day.

"We are convinced that improving the healthcare system in Europe requires simplifying the daily life of healthcare professionals so that they can focus on their core business and care. Our mission at Hublo is to develop and deploy the simplest and most efficient digital HR management tools possible for these professionals," commented Hublo co-founder and CEO Antoine Loron.

The latest round of funding for Hublo arrives via Revaia (formerly Gaia Capital Partners) and Acton Capital.

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