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The Big Score puts sustainability and startup-led corporate innovation at the forefront

The Big Score puts sustainability and startup-led corporate innovation at the forefront

The Big Score, an event that boost deals between European startups, scale-ups, investors, and corporates, is back for the third year in Ghent, Belgium on November 30 - December 2. 

Day 1 and 2 will welcome 50 curated European SaaS scale-ups from 12 different countries on a live stage pitching in front of over 400 VCs and corporate buyers. Day 3 will hold a corporate track with a unique concept – 35 multinational corporations will present their challenges to over 200 startups for possible collaboration. These presentations will be performed live in-person, and streamed online.

This year, the event is putting a focus on solving sustainability challenges through corporate-startup innovation. One major topic for the corporate challenges is sustainability – with companies presenting real-life problems and looking for technological solutions to establish a greener world. The Big Score partner Deloitte will host the “future of mobility of goods” challenges, ENGIE Impact curates the “road to net zero” challenges, and presenting partner Voka welcomes various sustainability issues.

The Big Score has the confirmed participation of major companies such as P&G, Toyota, Orange, Dow, AB InBev, Volvo and many more, ready to warp their operations with the help of startup solutions.

"Where logistics used to be seen as a necessary evil and a cost to be minimised, today's companies invest in logistics to strategically make a difference in the market to support growth and competitive advantage. Cost is still important, but is increasingly being balanced against customer focus, resilience, flexibility and sustainability." Kevin Overdulve, Partner Deloitte, Supply Chain & Operations

The Challenge Day covers 7 domains, including transport, production, finance, HR,  sales & marketing, and more. As an event that focuses on collaboration and boosting deals in funding and sales for SaaS scale-ups, the venue is equipped with dozens of meeting rooms in order to facilitate partnership discussions with VCs or corporates. 

Last year, ENGIE Solutions, a 2B+ EUR turnover company, was among the businesses presenting their challenges for startups. 

Innovation and new technologies are key levers to operationalise Net Zero goals. ENGIE Impact is honored by the unique opportunity to lead the energy and sustainability track at The Big Score. We believe the track will connect top corporate emission reduction challenges to leading start up solutions. Our mission is to help organisations embed sustainability into their operational strategies and The Big Score is a concrete step toward making sustainability happen, today.” - Ben Moens, Managing Director Benelux ENGIE Impact

With last year's event having been held remotely, the The Big Score team will return to an in-person format at MeetDistrict in Ghent, Belgium’s startup capital. The one exception being for the Challenge Day, on December 2, which in addition to the live stage, will also be streamed online for those startups interested in joining remotely. 

The Big Score has roots in the SuperNova tech festival in Antwerp. Before that, a similar concept was used at an event called Level Up. Known for its meaningful curation and effictive format, for the third year in a row The Big Score is organized as a standalone event, organized by |

The event is intended as a platform to accelerate the interaction of innovators, VCs, and corporates. In other ways – to help growth stage innovators “score big” with a major partnership. 

It brings together a VC-curated list of European growth-stage scale ups, which attracts over 400 deep-pocketed VCs and corporate buyers.

Meanwhile the Challenge Day, where corporates pitch their requirements to startups, provides startups with opportunities to establish partnerships with major corporations where they see opportunities to apply their technologies.

As a result, the event offers partnership opportunities for growth at every stage. The event indeed must be working, with the Belgian startup scene booming – currently, 2021 has already seen investments of over 100M EUR in local startups.

Registration is open and tickets are available for The Big Score for all relevant audiences: investors/VCs, enterprise focused startups and corporates looking for impactful tech.

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