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Apify, Powerful Medical, or Dronehub – Which scale-up will win the 2021 UiPath Automation Awards?

Apify, Powerful Medical, or Dronehub – Which scale-up will win the 2021 UiPath Automation Awards?

Three B2B software automation scale-ups are now shortlisted for the 2021 UiPath Automation Awards that will culminate in a pitch competition and award ceremony on Wednesday, October 20 hosted by the Wolves Summit in Poland.

For the third consecutive year, UiPath Automation Awards seeks to recognize innovative start-up and scale-up companies in the CEE & Turkey region, with a focus on the field of enterprise software automation. This year, AWS Activate joined as a partner to lend their support to applicants, finalists and winners.

A web scraping platform that automates people's mundane work on the web. An AI solution for accurate diagnosis of cardiovascular diseases. A multi-purpose drone-in-a-box solution for the automated collection of drone data.

These are the finalists that will compete for the grand prize – C-level mentorship, sales and marketing support, and the opportunity to be featured in the UiPath Immersion Lab, a physical and virtual space open to UiPath customers and partners. As partner of this edition, via AWS Activate, AWS provides applicants, finalists and winners with AWS credits to get start-ups and early-stage entrepreneurs the resources needed to get started on AWS.

Specifically, AWS provides winners with USD 25,000 in AWS credits as well as mentoring and tech support for AWS cloud and architectural review. 

This year, the pitch competition and awards ceremony will be held at the Wolves Summit, an  online, as well as in person event in Wroclaw, Poland. Here are the finalists in the scale-up category that will take the stage and compete for the grand prize.


Founders: Jan Čurn, Jakub Balada

Headquarters: Prague, Czech Republic

Apify is a web scraping and automation platform that allows people to automate manual, mundane, and time-consuming work performed in a web browser. That can include anything from gathering product and pricing data and automating workflows on the web, to helping find missing children and more.

Built by ''a team of hackers from Eastern Europe'', Apify's solution is highly sophisticated and powerful, yet easy to integrate by anyone. That way, it bridges the gap between no-code or low-code software, such as Zapier or, and professional cloud infrastructures like AWS or Azure. Apify is already trusted by more than 15,000 businesses, organizations, and non-profits in 179 countries, including some Fortune 500 companies. 

The vision is to build Apify as a cloud software ecosystem that combines ready-made software robots (''actors'') for various use cases with a network of developers and partners who would build custom actors to meet specific customer needs. The bigger the ecosystem, the sooner anyone will be able to automate any task on the web and save hours of time.

Powerful Medical

Founders: Martin Herman, Robert Herman, Robert Hatala, Simon Rovder

Headquarters: Bratislava, Slovakia

Powerful Medical tackles one of the biggest challenges of modern medicine – cardiovascular disease, which is the leading cause of death worldwide. The team is building an AI-powered clinical assistant that aids doctors with the diagnosis and personalized treatment of cardiovascular diseases.

Using Big Data analysis, Machine Learning, and other cutting-edge techniques, Powerful Medical is able to process previously unfathomable quantities of medical data and provide doctors with a complex report on every patient. As a result, physicians can spend less time with data entry and analysis, and more time on value-adding clinical work. This saves time and resources and, therefore, makes healthcare more accessible. 

Powerful Medical is a team of 60+ professionals – physicians, AI experts, data scientists, and more – on a mission to save lives through pioneering digitization, data, and AI. In the future, the company's goal is to expand its solution to other areas of medicine to include other diagnoses and patients and bring the world closer to a fully integrated “artificial general intelligence” in medicine.


Founder: Vadym Melnyk

Headquarters: Warsaw, Poland

Dronehub is a drone-in-a-box solution that includes drones, docking stations, and AI-powered software. According to Dronehub, it replaces ''hazardous man-hours'' with a solution that collects intelligent drone data in a fully autonomous way.

Dronehub is the only drone solution manufacturer in the world that is building drone hubs – docking stations that, according to the founder, are what fuel stations are to cars. These docking stations not only serve as drone parking lots, but also as a place to replace and charge batteries, perform simple repairs, and ''dump terabytes of data'' that the drones have gathered during the flight. 

The startup's goal is to make drone solutions a mainstream part of human lives, used in a variety of areas – work, entertainment, production, public safety, transportation, to name a few. Dronehub aims to become the frontrunners of fully automated drone solutions, along with its hubs becoming a substantial piece of equipment for companies, factories, public facilities, public spaces, and people's homes. 

Which scale-up will be announced the winner?

Each finalist will have 15 minutes on the stage, after which the final decision will be in the hands of judges, representing companies like UiPath, AWS, Credo Ventures, Cognizant, and Seedcamp.

Previous years' winners in the scale-up category include Salesbook (winner in 2020) and Smartdreamers (winner in 2019). 

Before scale-ups, finalists in the start-up category will take the stage to compete for a UiPath's mentorship, €50,000 cash prize, and other prizes. This year's finalists in this category are Demoboost, easySales, and Serket – get to know them in this article.

Our own journalist and podcast host Andrii Degeler will be hosting the ceremony.

To watch the awards ceremony live, get your Wolves Summit ticket here.

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