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Demoboost, easySales, or Serket? The three start-up finalists vying for mentorship and a €50,000 cash prize at the UiPath Automation Awards

Demoboost, easySales, or Serket? The three start-up finalists vying for mentorship and a €50,000 cash prize at the UiPath Automation Awards

The third edition of UiPath Automation Awards is coming to a close this week culminating in a pitch contest and awards ceremony hosted by the Wolves Summit in Poland  that will determine and award the most promising enterprise software automation startup and scaleup coming out of the Central Eastern Europe region and Turkey. This year, AWS Activate joined as a partner to lend their support to applicants, finalists and winners.

A cross-functional team of experts from UiPath, AWS, Cognizant, Credo Ventures and Seedcamp, sifted through hundreds of applications, narrowing them down to three finalists in the two categories - start-up and scale-up - who will take to the stage at the Wolves Summit online and in Wroclaw, Poland on October 20. journalist and podcast host Andrii Degeler will be hosting the awards ceremony.

During the final,  the founder teams of Demoboost, easySales and Serket will have  15 minutes on stage to present and defend their solution in front of the panel of judges. The victor will receive a €50,000 cash prize, mentoring from UiPath, and substantial tech and marketing support.

As partner of this edition, via AWS Activate, AWS provides applicants, finalists and winners with AWS credits to get start-ups and early-stage entrepreneurs the resources needed to get started on AWS. Specifically, AWS provides winners with USD 25,000 in AWS credits as well as mentoring and tech support for AWS cloud and architectural review.


One of the three finalists, Demoboost, is a startup originating out of Poland that seeks to enhance a core component of the modern software sales process – demos. Demoboost is a no-code solution that allows companies to create and manage personalized interactive demos enabling businesses to better communicate with prospective customers and for customers to gain more value out of demos. 

We aim to have buyers and sellers love working together. Nowadays, there’s a lot of friction in the buying and selling process of software. We believe demos are a way of solving this, being a communication and collaboration channel between parties.” Pawel Jaszczurowski, Co-Founder & CEO, Demoboost

Demoboost's cross-functional founding team has broad experience in product development, entrepreneurship, and sales, including Sales Executive experience at Salesforce. Having been on both sides of the demo experience and disenchanted by it all, the team sees an avenue for enhancing the entire process for the thousands of software companies worldwide. 


Romanian startup easySales looks to empower small-to-midsize e-tailers with an automated selling solution that unites key e-commerce systems in one platform and enables hassle-free product listing across multiple marketplaces. The company highlights technological complexity as one of the biggest challenges for emerging e-tailers and identifies integration and automation as the principal hurdles, which it aims to solve with its accessible no-code platform.

“While solutions exist for big retailers with large budgets, mass merchants are left to the wayside. With our generic, scalable, and modular solution we are targeting all merchants worldwide. The number of e-commerce e-tailers is estimated at 8 million globally and this number is growing as more offline merchants are shifting to online.” – Ciprian Cazacu, Co-Founder, easySales

By equipping merchants with last-generation automation tools that might otherwise be out of their reach, easySales looks to level the e-commerce playing field and make it possible for smaller businesses to effectively compete with bigger brands. With the goal of becoming a leading e-commerce integrator, easySales is eyeing the European market as a stepping stone to the global stage.


Founded in Poland, the third contender for the grand prize is Serket – an AI-powered livestock health and operations management platform that currently focuses on pig farming, but whose scalable modular solution can be applied to the broader livestock and agriculture markets. Serket looks to modernize an industry entrenched in legacy practices and outdated technologies with the goal of advancing a sustainable food system that can meet growing global demand. 

“We are creating an infrastructure for autonomous and robotic farming to solve the labor shortage and food safety challenges of today. Farmers would no longer have to rely on labor that is currently in shortage, or give every animal antibiotics but be more precise in their application, or spray entire fields with insecticides or pesticides that are damaging the earth and creating issues for people.” – Kristóf Nagy, Founder & CEO, Serket

Kristóf has deep roots in livestock management and currently works with a team of agribusiness and animal science professionals, technologists specialized in platform development, as well as a professor trained and experienced in the field of AI and camera vision to bring his vision to life. Serket has already gained early commercial traction and looks to revolutionize the pig farming industry worldwide.

While all three startups look promising, only one will be crowned the winner of the 2021 UiPath Automation Awards -, CEE & Turkey Edition and join the ranks of UiPath alumni (startup category winners, 2019) and Neurolabs (startup category winners, 2020).

Competing for the grand prize in the scale-up category are Apify, Dronehub, and Powerful Medical. We take a closer look at each contender here

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