Helping healthcare systems join the digital age, Lifen raises €50 million

Helping healthcare systems join the digital age, Lifen raises €50 million

Parisian medtech Lifen has raised €50 million in a Series C round. The firm facilitates the roll-out of digital solutions that connect all parties in the healthcare process, providers, payors, governments, technology companies, researchers, and patients. The new funding is expected to expand the company’s infrastructure to further assist the industry to digitise even faster. To date, Lifen has raised approximately €78 million.

In case you’ve been living under a rock for the past 20 or so months, healthcare systems around the world are under increasing pressure, completely breaking down in some cases, due to a perfect storm of events. An aging population, healthcare workers numbers’ dwindling, and, you know, this tiny little thing that’s seemingly never going away; all factors that have exposed or exacerbated some very big problems in the status quo.

In the UK, a number of programmes aimed at accelerating digital transformation are expected to produce a longterm positive impact on the existing system(s), however, one of the main roadblocks to a fully digital transformation is cost and complexity. This is where Lifen steps in and offers a tried and tested solution to all parties involved.

Since opening its doors in 2015, Lifen has honed its method of the digitisation of medical reports, all the while adhering to the most stringent of privacy and security standards. In doing so, the company offers data flow management of hospital information systems and an AI-powered structure to health data. Additionally, the company provides an identity management protocol that covers just about every form of identification and authorisation scenario imaginable, and the distribution of these solutions to stakeholders.

And now, Lifen is now expanding these technologies to eHealth applications as well.

Alongside optimising and simplifying medical data exchanges, in recent years the company has become one of the premiere secure messaging service operators for medical professionals in France as well, now trusted by over 600 partner institutions.

Over the coming 18 months, the firm plans to onboard more than 200 new employees to help support an ambitious goal of deploying its technology to over 1,500 hospitals with 200 eHealth solutions by 2025.

The €50 million Series C round was led by Creadev and Lauxera Capital Partners, with previous investors Serena and Partech following on.

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