Fullview wants to redesign customer support, raises $1.8 million in pre-seed funding

Fullview wants to redesign customer support, raises $1.8 million in pre-seed funding

Copenhagen-based customer support platform Fullview has raised $1.8 million in pre-seed funding, fueling its efforts to redesign the entire experience. The backing will be used to further develop the product and spur on recruitment, specifically in the engineering team.

According to a Hubspot report, 93% of the B2B SaaS companies surveyed indicated that customer expectations in terms of support are at an all-time high. At the same time, Zendesk reports that support reps are solving around 180 tickets per month, sometimes taking up to 45 minutes per ticket. A quandary by any measurement.

In an overcrowded marketplace, one of the fastest ways for a company to stand out amongst the competition is through impeccable customer service. But with the numbers quoted above, what’s a B2B to do?

This is exactly the problem Fullview founders Daniel Bakh and Dorin Tarau have set out to resolve. Fullview is building an API that plugs into existing web applications and allows customer service reps the ability to instantly access a user’s screen, have an in-app video call, and access multiuser screen control.

Sound a bit scary? Well, yes and no, as the company reports that they’re adhering to strict GDPR measures, with no need to fully log into any users’ account. Likewise, the multiuser screen control is only available to agents once a user has provided explicit consent.

“Instead of looking at customer support as a cost center, SaaS leaders are starting to see support as the growth engine it really is,” says co-founder and CEO Daniel Bakh. “If you truly want to scale a SaaS business, revenue retention is an absolute must, and effective customer support is a critical component of that. You cannot grow your company with a leaky bucket.”

According to the company, they’ve gathered an impressive list of customer support leaders from the likes of Hopin, Pleo, Labster, Monday.com, who are all providing feedback as the development of the technology progresses.

Fullview’s pre-seed round was led by Cherry Ventures, with Seedcamp also participating. Angel investor participation included founders from Pleo, Dixa, Unity, Pitch, and Juni.

“With Fullview, Daniel and Dorin are redesigning the customer experience, taking customer support to new, better heights,” says Sophia Bendz, partner at Cherry Ventures. “We’re so excited to back this stellar team as they create a way for businesses to more impactfully interact with their customers in a seamless and interactive way. With Fullview, customers do not need to switch applications, but rather can solve problems with their support managers in already used and familiar interfaces.”

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