Future Planet Capital acquires Milltrust Agricultural Investments and RT Capital

Future Planet Capital acquires Milltrust Agricultural Investments and RT Capital

London-based, but Cayman Islands registered Future Planet Capital has announced the acquisition of Milltrust Agricultural Investments and RT Capital, effectively bringing $130 million more to Future Planet’s table and taking the total assets under management number up to $300 million as well as 100 portfolio companies. The deal was self-financed and will see no dilution for existing shareholders.

Future Planet Capital has a unique position in the VC world, in so much as it’s established a number of partnerships with universities from around the globe and provides venture and growth capital to profitable entrepreneurs and businesses working on climate change, education, health, sustainability, and security solutions.

With this in mind, the Milltrust Agricultural Investments acquisition folds nicely into Future Planet, as the firm is the investment advisor to the British Innovation Fund, which invests specifically in technology companies stemming from UK universities, as well as an Australian farmland fund and a New Zealand farmland fund.

On the other side of the coin, RT Capital focuses heavily on startups heavy on UK-based IP-heavy sciences such as healthcare and genomics in the Oxford and Cambridge ecosystem.

A sampling of Future Planet Capital's portfolio includes:

  • Vaccitech – Biotech start-up behind AstraZeneca’s Covid vaccine, invested in Q4 2020 ahead of its NASDAQ flotation in April this year.
  • Pragmatic – Flexibly electronics producer, they make ultra-low cost, thin and flexible microchips enabling the potential for trillions of smart objects that can engage with consumers and their environments.
  • Tokamak Energy – Global fusion energy company based in Oxford, developing economic fusion energy that is clean, low cost, secure and globally deployable.
  • Roslin Technologies - UK biotechnology and agribusiness innovator (home of dolly the sheep!), aiming to utilise its stem cell lines to help ensure that the world can meet growing protein demands, while protecting against the negative environmental impact of increased food production.

Going all-in on their desire to help fund the best and the brightest coming out of leading universities, Future Planet Capital is returning to Seedrs as of today with the aim of adding £2.5 million to the coffers. At the time of publishing, that goal has already been surpassed at 102% with 30 days left during the raise.

In a first of it’s kind, the firm crowdfunded a raise of £1.5 million back in 2020. In addition to adding more firepower, Future Plant reports that the open raise will give everyday investors the opportunity to access a high returning, yet often inaccessible asset class.

“2021 has been a pivotal year for Future Planet Capital and our ambitions to be the world’s top impact-led, venture capital firm. What a way to end the year passing the $300 million milestone,” commented Future Planet’s Douglas Hansen-Luke. “We have admired the approach of Milltrust Agricultural and RT to investing in high growth companies for some time and I am delighted to welcome them aboard. We are making fast progress on our mission to support organisations that are presenting solutions to the critical issues that we face.”

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