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A day in the life of Doctolib, one of Europe’s most exciting healthtech companies

A day in the life of Doctolib, one of Europe’s most exciting healthtech companies

Healthtech is, simply, the use of technology in healthcare. Yep, it's that simple. It’s a broad field that has developed over time, stemming originally from a term applied to technologies such as electronic GP records systems, medical appliances, and computer software in radiology.

In 2020, healthtech includes any number of apps and services ranging from accessing a GP via a video call, to machine learning algorithms for classifying medical images. All of which have proven their value over the last 18 or so months.

With the European healthtech sector booming, we’ve seen more and more highly talented individuals seeking a new challenge, particularly in this area. One shining light in this industry at the moment is Doctolib.

Every day Doctolib strives to fulfil three entrepreneurial missions: improve the daily life of healthcare personnel, provide patients better access to healthcare and patient health, and build a team of entrepreneurs with humanist values. With data privacy and positive social impact at the top of their agenda, Doctolib is dedicated to creating useful solutions for healthcare personnel and patients, regardless of age, condition, or location.

Kristi Edleson, recruiting manager for global engineering at Doctolib

We recently had an opportunity to chat with Kristi Edleson, Doctolib’s recruiting manager for global engineering, to get some insight into life at this exciting company.

“Doctolib is a workplace where you control your own destiny because we believe that everyone is an entrepreneur,” Kristi tells us, right off the bat when discussing the culture Doctolib has worked to create since its inception in 2013.

“What this really means is that you have the autonomy to discover and participate in initiatives far beyond your scope. We are passionate about our work, but also remember to have fun along the way.”

So if you are someone looking for a new challenge, why exactly should Doctolib be at the top of your list?

“We are a people-driven organization. I know a lot of companies say this, but from day one our core mission as a company has been focused on improving the lives of healthcare personnel and access to healthcare for patients,” Kristi explains. “We are aiming to build a team of entrepreneurs with humanist values. We invest in our people and want everyone that joins us to feel welcomed and recognized.”

Doctolib has an extensive onboarding program that lasts 3 months where new joiners meet their teams, learn about the tools and team rituals, and get a better understanding of the business. But learning doesn’t stop there; through various training initiatives and an internal mobility programme, they offer each Doctoliber the opportunity to craft their own career path.

“We offer Doctolibers a number of perks relating to health and fitness including 100% coverage on healthcare benefits, a subsidised gym membership, and healthy snacks, just to name a few.”

“Our benefits relate to growth, development, and support, including learning and development options that cater to various learning and career paths. Our latest edition includes our flex office policy where depending on your team, you can work exclusively from one of our offices in Europe, 100% remote, or a hybrid of the two.”

What this means for Doctolibers is that they’re free to choose between offices in Paris, Berlin, or Milan, or the comfort of their own home (or a combination of both, whatever suits best).

As part of Doctlib’s commitment to positive social impact, diversity and inclusion are key for the healthtech. Kristi informed me that they are continuously working to ensure that the right resources are provided for everyone of every background to be equally successful in their interview process.

“Our assessments and decisions are based on the hard skills of a candidate regardless of gender identity, race, sexual preference, etc. Currently, we are focusing on initiatives that include unconscious bias training for interviewers to ensure everyone has the opportunity to be evaluated fairly and equally.”

Doctolib is a company that champions the individual, and if you ask us, that’s pretty amazing.

The good news is that Doctolib is hiring across Europe at the moment, so be sure to head over to our job board now, and check out all the incredible opportunities!

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