Boosting corporate productivity through gamification, Turkish startup Inooster scores $700,000

Boosting corporate productivity through gamification, Turkish startup Inooster scores $700,000

Istanbul-based startup Inooster has raised $700,000 in new funds, as it sets sail for overseas activities at the start of next year. Borrowing from a number of human psychology principles and methodologies, the company adds a layer of gamification to its software solutions that focus on management concepts including team performance, motivation, and loyalty. Including the fresh funds, the startup has raised approximately $773,000.

Building on 15+ years of management experience, founder Murat Yılmaz has built a category leader in Inooster’s home market, servicing a number of Fortune 500 companies, and all with a team of just 24 people. The startup is the chief architect of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality's "Yürü Be Istanbul" project, an initiative that aims to improve the health (and hopefully some of the traffic) of residents of the city via a gamified walking app. And in a city with a population of 15.4 million, that’s a lot of data to wrangle and still keep the motivation factor high.

“I believe that the most important element in the management of performance, motivation, and loyalty will be gamification. With the power of the game, people can exist more in their habitats. Based on this approach, gamification stands out as a unique resource to be successful in an increasingly competitive environment, to distinguish itself from competitors and to establish a direct connection with the end-user,” explained Yılmaz.

Inooster’s newest funding arrives via leads TechOne VC and Logo Ventures, and saw participation from APY Ventures Fintech GSYF and APY Ventures Startup GSYF.

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