Meta drops the needle on Regroover, acquires Greece’s Accusonus

Meta drops the needle on Regroover, acquires Greece’s Accusonus

Meta, the parent company of Facebook has acquired Greek-founded audio applications developer Accusonus. According to sources close to the matter, the deal is valued at anywhere between €70 and €100 million.

Founded in 2013 by Alexandros Tsilfidis, Elias Kokkinis and Michael Tzannes, you might not be familiar with the name Accusonus, but if you move on down the line to their best selling product, Regroover, chances are, if you've stepped anywhere within 10 feet of a musician in the past 5 years or so, you’ve heard this moniker.

With Regroover, Accusonus developed a patented mechanism that can recognise, analyse, and deconstruct rhythmic sounds. From DJs and producers to students just getting started and looking to drag that guitar line out their favourite tune, regroover has been an indispensable tool to many a maestro.

But the company’s offer doesn’t simply end at the consumer market, as a number of their products can be found in top recording studios around the globe, utiilised by producers working with Bob Dylan, Aerosmith, Dream Theater, and Sepultura. All alongside heavy usage in film and television studios.

Clearly, Meta wasn’t joking around about getting this metaverse thing right, and dare I say, aiming to dominate it. We’ve seen Facebook pioneering the “sight” aspect of things for some time now, and if the Accusonus acquisition is any indicator, be prepared for the company to articulate its aural attitude attacca.

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