Audio entertainment platform Podimo gears up for all out war, Dutch market entry planned for March 29

In what's quickly becoming a war for podcast talent, Danish-born Podimo plans to add The Netherlands to its collection of markets.
Audio entertainment platform Podimo gears up for all out war, Dutch market entry planned for March 29

Less than three months following a successful $78 million Series B round raise, audio entertainment subscription service Podimo has announced its intention to enter the Dutch market on or around March 29th.

And with bravado and panache.

By diving into the Dutch market, Podimo will add to its collection of Denmark, Germany, Spain, Norway, and Latin America, and reports it’s currently, “in talks with production companies and independent producers to create the Netherlands' biggest new podcasts to launch exclusively on Podimo.” 

I’m just going to call this right now: Podimo is loading the cannons and about to launch a compelling salvo in the war for podcast talent.

There’s no denying the fact that audience appetite for audio content is massive. Joe Rogan or not.

Once the dominant player in the field, Apple (remember the iPod? You know the device that is responsible for the podcast moniker?) has seen its market share carved up, and from those carvings, challengers Spotify and Amazon seem to be snacking on the lion's share. So how does an almost-four-year-old startup from Copenhagen compete?

By offering more. Much more.

Producing its own original content, some 950+ titles, a la Netflix style, the startup has also struck partnership deals with some of Europe's biggest content producers and authors, including iHeartMedia and (Amazon Music owned) Wondery, leading German audio platform FYEO and Norwegian bestselling crime writer Jo Nesbø.

What’s more, with 93% of podcast and short-form audio listeners preferring their native language, Podimo translates international content to local markets’ native languages, a formula that’s helped hits “Mord i Nord”, “The Missing” and “Swindled” resonate strongly in new markets.

Now let’s add to the fact that the service has also funded independent investigative journalism in Denmark, Spain, and Germany, and it’s fairly easy to see why and how Podimo’s offer is in high demand.

“Audio is getting increasingly popular, with 25% of the Dutch population listening to podcasts and audiobooks - more than ever before,” commented Podimo CEO and founder Morten Strunge. “With audio, you can integrate listening into your life as you move about your day. We want to surprise and challenge listeners, and change the preconception of what you find on an audio platform.” 

Speaking on behalf of at least more than a few residents of the lowlands I can confidently say, “dank je wel.”

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