The Mothership beams up $22 million to keep up the acquisitions

Joining the independent e-commerce and Amazon seller aggregator club, London's The Mothership now aims to kick the acquisition spree into high gear.
The Mothership beams up $22 million to keep up the acquisitions

Looking to accelerate the pace of purchasing independent and Amazon marketplace e-commerce merchants, London-based The Mothership has secured $22 million in funding.

While it’s no secret that the e-commerce industry has exploded over the course of the pandemic, so too would it appear that the consolidation space is not only heating up but already at a boiling point.

With ​​Thrasio, Razor Group, SellerX, Heroes, Accel Club, and most recently Yaba, and Flummox all active in the space, The Mothership would seemingly have its work cut out for it.

“Several trends are converging in the e-commerce space. The category is growing, we are seeing an explosion of exciting sellers with innovative products who can compete with legacy brands by being more targeted, and they need help to scale. This is where The Mothership comes in. Our funding will allow us to support new acquisitions with team expansion and dynamic infrastructure,” explained co-founder Ben Fletcher. “As we strengthen the marketing for these products we are creating the consumer brands of the future.”

The Mothership’s $22 million in funding was derived from a pool of individual private investors including Glenn Elliott, founder of Reward Gateway and now part of Tenzing Private Equity; Jonathan Quin, founder of payments business World First; Adrian Thompson, CEO of Aspen Pumps; Simon Morrish, Ground Control founder; and Giles Palmer, founder of BrandWatch.

“The e-commerce rollup space is exploding right now and The Mothership’s focus on high-quality, sustainable brands looks like a winning strategy. I was particularly impressed by the team of entrepreneurs and consumer marketing experts they have pulled together,” concluded World First founder Jonathan Quin.

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