Gorillas co-founders back Growth Kitchen as it ‘cracks the delivery kitchen model’ and cooks up £3 million

Aiming to help restaurant brands scale at SaaS like speed, London-based Growth Kitchen has raised £3 million in a seed funding round
Gorillas co-founders back Growth Kitchen as it ‘cracks the delivery kitchen model’ and cooks up £3 million

Growth Kitchen has raised £3 million in a seed round as it aims to champion a SaaS-like scalability model for food delivery networks.

Led by PactVC, the round also includes notable angel investors Gorillas co-founders Ronny Shibley, Jörg Kattner, former GM at Deliveroo and GM DACH at TIER Felix Chrobog. TwinkHive CEO Jonathan Seaton, and Resolution Property CEO Robert Laurence also participated.

“In a world where we take Ubers and watch Netflix, we’ve accepted cooking as the norm for too long. Building on the success of food delivery apps, we are introducing a step-change in how we eat,” explained co-founder Máté Kun. “We transform high-order-volume restaurants into delivery powerhouses by making it very easy for them to scale through our satellite kitchen network.”

The company has already established partnerships with restaurant brands including Tortilla, Tai Kitchen and The Athenian, and has two hubs active supporting over 20 restaurants.

“With technology and data at their fingertips, our restaurant partners are becoming fully delivery optimised, providing a consistent, affordable experience to their customers, in a sustainable way and in an environment where employees actually want to come to work,” added Kun.

On the investment in Growth Kitchen, Gorillas, noknok, and Shelvz co-founder Ronny Shibley commented, “​​What Growth Kitchen brings to the table is the natural evolution of food. Where Gorillas can deliver groceries to your door in 10-minutes, the logical next step would be to go into restaurant food. Within 5-minutes of visiting one of Growth Kitchen’s hubs, I knew I had finally found the team that had cracked the delivery kitchen model. They have the tech to find and operate across strategic locations, a steady flow of drivers coming in and out while attracting top food brands who don't churn and want to keep scaling with them.”

Growth Kitchen will now go head-to-head with London’s Octopus Ventures-backed Taster which announced $37 million in Series B funding announced at the end of April of last year.

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