Lifting the veil on the agenda: What we're gonna be deep-diving into at the Summit (17 May, Brussels Expo)

We're busy putting together the programme for the upcoming Summit, and we'd like to share our progress with you.
Lifting the veil on the agenda: What we're gonna be deep-diving into at the Summit (17 May, Brussels Expo)

As we're wrapping our collective brains around the programming of the upcoming Summit (secure your tickets now!) we'd like to share a sneak peek at the topics we'll be addressing on 17 May in Brussels.

We mentioned earlier that we are bringing together the best and brightest (and many of the strongest female leaders) in European Tech to have a candid conversation about sustainable growth, but what does that actually mean?

How can Europe manage to carve out a sustainable growth path for the future of its ecosystem, industries, companies, investors, entrepreneurs, corporate innovators, policymakers and many other stakeholders from across the industry? How can we inspire and upskill the next generation of founders and funders to grow sustainably, together?

Here are a few topics that we think are important to dive in to:

  • Bootstrapping, building and scaling the most impactful unicorns (and decacorns) out of Europe in the next decade
  • Attracting, recruiting and retaining the best talent available in a world that looks nothing like before 2020
  • How to stay ahead of the competition on a global playing field by sustainably investing in talent and culture
  • Expanding across borders, internationalising teams and businesses, entering (and conquering) new markets 
  • How to diversify the region's investor base and build innovative models to shape the best possible future for the European VC and PE communities
  • Tackling the problem head on: how can we increase the level of diversity and inclusion in European Tech (startups and VC)?
  • Defining the future of Europe's top sectors, including fintech, deep tech, health tech, mobility & transportation, and greentech/climate tech, and the most active financiers in those industries
  • The evolving role of crypto and blockchain technologies in (and for) the European tech ecosystem
  • What can/should governments and policymakers (not) do to transition Europe to a stronger digital economy and startup/scale-up environment?
  • Ensuring the competitiveness and 'sovereignty' of Europe's digital tech, data and infrastructure for the long term
  • How can ecosystems bring to life and nurture globally competitive companies at scale, and how can they give back to the community?
  • A whole new web: a serious look at the metaverse, Web3, NFTs and DAOs from a European (Tech) perspective
  • Hand-on workshops on topics such as corporate innovation, ecosystem building, marketing, PR and branding for startups, scale-ups and investment firms, and much more

We've already announced the list of confirmed speakers so far (we're super excited about the amazing line-up) and now you know a bit more about what to expect from the event.

If you haven't secured your tickets yet, what are you waiting for?

Join us in Brussels Expo on 17 May and prepare to get inspired and educated like never before!

We'll share more updates on our agenda in due time.

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