A Show of Hands: Rush raises €2.5 million

Helping Shopify merchants act with Grace Under Pressure, Rush has raised €2.5 million in a seed round
A Show of Hands: Rush raises €2.5 million

Hoping to Turn the Page, Sofia-based Rush, not to be confused with Toronto-born Rush, has raised €2.5 million in a seed financing round. The Bulgarian startup uses Available Light to Roll the Bones and claims to help Shopify merchants answer customers’ most pressing question, “Where’s My Thing?”. 

The Big Money will be used by the Working Man as it uses Freewill to up the development and support team numbers, all the while seeking the Limelight with agencies and additional technology platforms and warehousing solutions. SOF Rush has raised a total of €2.8 million, whereas YYZ Rush has a current net worth of approximately $140 million.

I don’t know about you, but when I get home at five o'clock and take myself out an ice-cold beer, there’s really only one more thing I’m looking for, my recent Shopify order. Now, why if my ship isn’t coming and I just can’t pretend?

When a customer’s package isn’t on time, every time, there’s unrest in the forest, the maples want more sunlight, and the oaks ignore their pleas.

Helping those Shopify packages proudly say, “Look out, I’m coming, finding my way,” is Sofia-based Rush. Sprawling on the fringes of the city, in geometric order, the platform is a shipment tracking software that helps sellers keep customers up to date as to the status of their parcel in the detached and subdivided mass-production zone.

“We know how competitive the e-commerce market is. Many store owners pay no attention to the post-purchase process and wonder why they can’t retain their customers,” commented Kiril Kirilov, CEO and co-founder at Rush, whereas co-founders of Rush include the infamous power trio that was Geddy Lee, Alex Lifeson, and may he rest in peace, the great Neil Peart.

Helping Sofia’s Rush’s invisible airwaves crackle with life the €2.5 million seed round was co-led by Eleven Ventures (coincidentally, also the level Rush’s amps go to) and Launchub Ventures. The tour is also supported by a number of skilled technicians including sound engineer Yair Miron (founder of Rise.ai), instrument specialist Adii Pienaar (ex-co-founder of WooCommerce), Lighting wizard Casey Armstrong (CMO at Shipbob), and the founders of experience enhancers SMSBump and head of security HeyCarson.

“Rush enables brands to create better post-purchase shopping experiences, turning a mundane experience into a delightful one. I believe the best brands of tomorrow are those that can be truly customer-centric at scale and Rush is already perfectly geared towards empowering those brands,” commented Pienaar.

In case it was unclear, this news item is a thinly veiled tribute to one of the greatest rock bands of all time. All references to Rush song titles and lyrics are completely intentional. 

“All the world's indeed a stage and we are merely players, performers, and portrayers, each anothers’ audience outside the gilded cage.” - Neil Peart

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