Pitch, Blinkist, Wooga and Tier Mobility founders-backed Klima plants €10 million to encourage teams to fight against climate change

The Berlin-based platform allows personal climate protection and combines CO2 calculation with compensation, reduction and educational offers
Pitch, Blinkist, Wooga and Tier Mobility founders-backed Klima plants €10 million to encourage teams to fight against climate change

The climate crisis is the most pressing challenge facing humanity as of now. The current climate protection measures taken by governments around the world are insufficient to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees. At the same time, 72% of CO2 emissions are addressable through consumer behaviour. Millions of people want to take action to combat the challenge but are kind f clueless when it comes to how. Enabling people to take direct, simple and measurable actions and close the ‘emissions gap’, Berlin-based climate protection app Klima has raised €10 million in funding.

The Series A round was led by Keen Venture Partners and saw the participation of HV Capital, Headline, 468 Capital and Adjacent. Klima will use the financial resources to expand the B2B offering and expand the market presence in the U.S. and the DACH region.

Well-known Berlin tech entrepreneurs such as Pitch founder Christian Reber, Wooga founder Jens Begemann, Blinkist co-founder Niklas Jansen, and Tier Mobility founder Lawrence Leuschner with his Blue Impact fund have invested in the startup earlier.

The company has also rolled out its new B2B offering called Klima for Teams. This will enable companies to actively anchor personal climate protection in the corporate culture by making climate available to all employees, promoting basic climate knowledge, enabling personalised CO2 reduction and offsetting employee emissions. According to the company, it will go a long way in comprehensively including employee emissions in the operational ESG strategy.

Founded in 2019 by Markus Gilles, Jonas Brandau and Andreas Pursian-Ehrlich to give everyone the opportunity to participate directly, effectively and easily in climate protection, the climate app makes it easy to calculate your personal carbon footprint.

By financing certified climate protection projects, users can compensate for unavoidable emissions with a monthly contribution. Equally important is the reduction of the footprint through personalised tips, individual reduction targets and the communication of basic climate knowledge in the app.

Markus Gilles, CEO and co-founder of Klima said: “With the funding, we have taken the next step with the launch of Climate for Teams. Businesses have a hugely important role to play in the cultural shift that the climate crisis requires. We have been observing for a long time that many companies are becoming more involved and also want to involve their employees in their climate strategy. With our expertise in the area of ​​user experience and our focus on measurable personal climate goals, we can accompany companies on this path and help to make climate protection an integral part of corporate culture.”

Briehan Burke, principal, Keen Venture Partners added: “More and more companies are also looking for ways to include this in their ESG strategy and thus better meet the expectations of their employees when it comes to climate protection. Klima's B2B offer now specifically offers the opportunity to unite employees and companies in their commitment to climate protection. This also gives future employees a clear signal about the values ​​of the company, because these are nowhere as evident as in the daily culture.”

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