Meet Mika: Berlin-based digital companion during cancer therapy raises €10 million

The new funding will allow the Berlin-based AI-powered platform to enter the U.K. healthcare ecosystem in 2022
Meet Mika: Berlin-based digital companion during cancer therapy raises €10 million

Digital solutions can fill many critical gaps in healthcare. Especially with regards to cancer therapy support, it can provide tremendous relief for patients and attending physicians alike. Betting big on digital therapeutics, Berlin-based health tech startup Fosanis has raised more than €10 million in funding to boost its platform ‘Mika’.

Founded in 2017 by Dr Gandolf Finke and Dr Jan Simon Raue, the digital health company Fosanis aims to empower people affected by cancer. The company’s AI-powered platform for cancer patients called Mika assists people affected by cancer over the course of their disease and therapy. Mika combines AI-powered monitoring and coaching, including scientifically tested methods and therapy management techniques. One of its main features is the daily check-up or so-called electronic patient-reported outcome (ePRO). This allows continuous tracking of distress levels and symptoms. 

The new funding will allow the startup’s entry in the U.K. healthcare ecosystem in 2022. It is also looking at partnering with international cancer research centres to conduct even more studies on the medical impact of AI-driven personalisation in digital interventions. The Series A round was led by Swiss company Debiopharm Innovation Fund with participation from Ship2B Ventures, venture capital firm Equity Pitcher and existing shareholder Ananda Impact Ventures.

Fosanis and Mika co-founder and managing director Dr Jan Simon Raue said: “Cancer knows no boundaries. Helping people affected by cancer shouldn't either. We have developed Mika to bring back some of the control when guidance and support is most needed:­ from diagnosis all the way through the therapy process. Mika provides personalised and comprehensive cancer therapy support, combining the latest insights in cancer research with 24/7 hands-on help wrapped up in an easy-to-handle and engaging digital tool.”

Fosanis and Mika co-founder and managing director Dr Gandolf Finke added: “The importance of digital health and digital therapeutics in particular is growing globally. This financing round marks an important milestone in our company history, allowing us to scale our oncology DTx platform and position our offerings internationally." 

Tanja Dowe, CEO, Debiopharm Innovation Fund concluded: “Mika promotes patient empowerment and enables those affected to cope with their disease and therapy, independent of time and location. For this very reason, we do not only think of ourselves as mere investors, but we also support the company in strategy and execution."

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