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Sweden, the Netherlands, and Belgium are the best places to job hunt in 2022

If a new gig is on your roadmap, Sweden, the Netherlands, and Belgium are your best bets.
Sweden, the Netherlands, and Belgium are the best places to job hunt in 2022

Have a European passport, will travel: one of the most powerful aspects of this document is the mobility it offers you and the ability to work throughout the bloc. From Ireland to Greece, across central Europe to Latvia, Sweden, and down to Spain and Portugal, Europe is your oyster.

The outlook for 2022’s job hunters is good too, according to a recent Q2 survey of 41,000 employers, which highlights that employers in 36 of 40 global countries report stronger hiring intentions than this time last year. The greatest demand is in IT, finance, and manufacturing, and demand for skilled workers remains at record highs.

In Europe, the strongest hiring plans are reported in Sweden, which estimates an additional 38% of workers will be hired. A similar scenario is expected in the Netherlands (up 36%) and Belgium (up 34%). Year-on-year hiring sentiment has improved in 20 European countries and has declined in only three countries. On a city-wide scale, Paris (up 25%) and Munich (up 33%) score well and are looking good for employees – this is driven by employers in IT and finance.

If you’re feeling like a move might be in your future, we’re outlining three top destinations below, and for plenty more open roles, check out our Job Board.

🇸🇪 Sweden 🇸🇪

Can I work here: Yes - if you are an EU citizen, then you’re entitled to work here without a permit. 

Why come here: Known for its natural beauty, Sweden offers one of the best qualities of life in the world, with excellent public services and a national commitment to a good work-life balance – according to the OECD index for work-life balance the country comes second, with its people spending more than 15 hours per day at leisure or sleeping. However, Sweden is an expensive economy, housing can be difficult to secure and the Swedes themselves can initially be hard to get to know.

What the tech scene is like: Sweden has a storied history in scientific and technological development: Ericsson, Electrolux, and Volvo are all names you’ll know. Stockholm is undoubtedly a tech hub and it is here that huge tech names such as Spotify and Klarna were born. The scene extends beyond the capital with Malmö experiencing rapid growth in the tech sector too.

For open roles in Stockholm, check out our Job Board.

🇳🇱 the Netherlands 🇳🇱

Can I work here: Croatian citizens need a work permit for their first 12 months of employment, while citizens from EU / EEA countries or Switzerland can work freely in the Netherlands and undertake any type of work.

Why come here: One of the biggest benefits of living in the Netherlands is its proximity to the rest of Europe: you’re a short hop to Germany, Denmark, France, and Belgium, and from there you can go where your fancy takes you. The Dutch are renowned for their friendly natures, the biking culture is second-to-none, quality of life is high here, and public services are good.

What the tech scene is like: Amsterdam is the tech centre of the Netherlands and is home to a good mix of startups and big names. 450+ multinationals, including Tesla, Netflix, and Miele X have their European headquarters in Amsterdam and 80 Dutch startups and scale-ups are named on Deloitte’s Technology Fast 500 EMEA list.

For open roles in Amsterdam, check out our Job Board.

🇧🇪 Belgium 🇧🇪

Can I work here: Citizens from the EU and EEA can work freely in Belgium without the need for a separate Belgian work permit.

Why come here: Like the Netherlands, Belgium offers good access to wider Europe as well as high living standards and excellent public services, all of which attract inward investment and workers. The OECD Better Life Index says that Belgium offers a high quality of housing, income, employment, and education. Belgium is also considered a safe place to live.

What the tech scene is like: In addition to being home to the European Commission, Brussels has a growing tech ecosystem and is home to big tech names such as Microsoft, Oracle, Amazon, and Cisco Systems. The city boasts digital campuses, technology hubs, accelerators, incubators, and co-working spaces. Ghent and Antwerp are also on the up, being home to companies at the start-up and scale stage.

For open roles in Brussels, check out our Job Board.

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