Belgian HXR platform Swave picks up €7 million to bring the metaverse to life

The investment will fasten development of Holographic eXtended Reality (HXR) technology to make virtual reality practically indistinguishable from the real world
Belgian HXR platform Swave picks up €7 million to bring the metaverse to life

With the rapid emergence of the metaverse, a 3D world where participants can interact with people, objects and places and other applications from realistic 3D experiences, the demand for eXtended Reality (XR) technology that enhances or replaces our view of the world is exploding.

Belgium-based Holographic eXtended Reality (HXR) technology platform Swave Photonics has raised €7 million in funding to bring the metaverse to life. The funding will go a long way in the realistic and immersive commercialisation of 3D HXR gigapixel technology for a wide range of emerging applications. Going forward, the startup plans to partner with AR/VR/XR and metaverse platforms, so companies can have a shared, lifelike 3D experience of meeting around a conference table.

The round was co-led by imec.xpand and Flanders Future Techfund (FFTF) and backed by QBIC.

The Belgian startup is delivering lifelike, high-resolution 3D images that are viewable with the naked eye, with no compromises. HXR technology enables 1000x better pixel resolution with billions of tiny, densely packed pixels to enable true realistic 20/20 vision without requiring viewers to wear smart AR/VR headsets or prescription glasses.

Theodore Marescaux, CEO and founder of Swave Photonics said: “Our aim is to help build the fundamental holographic technology to bring the metaverse to life and work. True, lifelike and immersive metaverse experiences powered by Swave technology are poised to replace every AR/VR display and headset to the point where virtual, augmented or eXtended reality is practically indistinguishable from the real world.”

“We are convinced that Swave can bring to the market a fundamental technology we have been developing for more than five years through substantial R&D programs and imec investments,” said Luc Van den hove, president and CEO of imec.

Peter Vanbekbergen, partner at imec.xpand concluded: “We are convinced that Swave’s transformative gigapixel holographic technology can fuel the $93 billion AR/VR, metaverse market and will position Swave to enable an upgrade to today’s challenging AR/VR immersive experiences.”

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