Fresh out of the oven, food tech VC Zintinus drops a must-read report on the future of the food sector

A new white paper by German food tech investor Zintinus and Bain & Co highlights the changes in the global food industry that are already happening, and are needed in the future.
Fresh out of the oven, food tech VC Zintinus drops a must-read report on the future of the food sector

There's a (relatively) new investor in the city of Berlin, its name is Zintinus, and it's got a fascinating new white paper out on the future of the food sector.

With partners like ex-TechStars CEO (and founder) David Brown, ex-Metro CEO Olaf Koch, food tech expert Fabio Ziemssen and private equity pro Christian Neuss, the investment firm is bound to make some waves in this space as they hunt for early-stage food tech innovations primarily in Europe.

We caught up with Olaf Koch, who's left a rich and promising corporate career to dive (back) into startup investment full-time with Zintinus, as we reboot our 'To The Point' video interview series over the summer.

(Update: the interview is now up)

In the meantime, if you're interested in the global food sector and its many challenges and opportunities, have a look at the free report Koch co-authored with Bain & Company.

The global food market is huge - close to $9 trillion a year, with demand predicted to increase by more than 50% by 2050 kinda huge - but its challenges are plentiful, particularly in terms of sustainability, production, distribution and access.

The report dives deep into these issues, along with shifting consumer preferences and demand, alternative foods, precision fermentation, 'functional' and 'clean' food, vertical farming, food waste and much more.

It also offers many insights on the investment side of the equation, like the fact that we'll need somewhere between $150 billion and $350 billion a year to truly disrupt the food sector for the better, and the massive opportunities that represents on the commercial side of things.

If you're reading, you'll likely be interested in the report's focus on Europe, which it claims has strong preconditions for successful development of food tech innovation for a variety of reasons outlined in detail, not least of which is the fact that Europe is currently the world's largest exporter of food products.

Stay tuned for the interview, and do have a look at the full report if you're interested in learning more.

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