In the day and age of ‘Do we even need an office?’, Munich’s Seatti secures €3 million

To help enterprise clients address a series of new-world fundamental questions including do we even need an office, and if so, does everyone have to be there all at the same time, Seatti scores €3 million to meet customer demand.
In the day and age of ‘Do we even need an office?’, Munich’s Seatti secures €3 million

Munich-based Seatti has raised €3 million in a seed funding round. The hybrid work management tool has taken on the additional investment to meet strong enterprise client demand, one that they say will require a  tripling of the current team size

I haven’t worked in a corporate environment or ‘gone to the office’ in over 15 years. While this form of work certainly has its ups and downs, personally, I view the ups far outweighing the downs. Thanks in part to the global, ‘we’ll all be working from home until further notice’ situation, a significant number of enterprise business team members have finally found a collective voice and are stating what I’ve already got a 15-year jump on: do we even need an office, and if so, does everyone have to be there all at the same time?

Even when the mighty Musk ordered all Tesla employees back to the office and they collectively said, “Mmmm, yeaaaah. No thanks.”

So for the 90% of businesses that have been doing business the way business has been done for eons, and now plan on adopting a hybrid working model, where do they go from here? Who needs to be where and when? Do we really need to spend that much on office space if we can simply rotate in and out teams on a regular basis?

Truly a product of the pandemic, Seatti was founded in 2020 by  Christopher BieriJohannes Eppler, and Moritz Hartmann and began life as a marketplace that helped individuals find remote workstations in unused spaces. However, the team quickly realised that the biggest challenge in the new world of work wasn’t the discovery of new spaces, but the management of the old spaces.

After bringing home €500,000 in pre-seed funding last August, Seatti has clearly been putting the pedal to the metal, and reports growth rates of over 30% per month, a figure they claim makes them Europe’s fastest-growing SaaS platform for hybrid workforces and shared workspace management. Other players in this space, each with their own variants thereof include Netherlands-based GoBright, France’s Witco, and then the OG of them all, Mapiq.

“The vast majority of enterprises have implemented a hybrid working model at an unprecedented speed enforced by the pandemic,” explained Bier. “Such a significant change to the way we work would have taken years, if not decades, in a covid-free world. Due to this abrupt paradigm shift, companies must now quickly address newly arising challenges brought about by hybrid work. Our research shows that 160 billion euros are wasted on underused office space annually, in-person meetups between colleagues have dropped by over 30% and 68% of organizations are not yet fully compliant with regulatory and internal policy requirements.”

Seatti’s €3 million seed round was led by Acton Capital and Partech, with existing investors Peak and HPI Seed Fund participating.

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