Bosch Group steps into the Multiverse Computing with quantum digital twin initiative

Having already established working relationships with names including IBM and Microsoft, Spain's Multiverse Computing's offer is now being implemented in the Bosch automotive electrics plant in Madrid.
Bosch Group steps into the Multiverse Computing with quantum digital twin initiative

Spanish quantum computing startup Multiverse Computing (not to be confused with the hypothetical group of multiple universes) has announced a collaboration with the Bosch automotive electronics plant in Madrid. The joint effort is aimed at leveraging Dr. Strange’s computing powers in a virtual, or “digital twin” of the factory.

Earlier this year the Spaniards raised €10 million in a seed funding round and offered up that they’ve already established projects with brands including IBM, Microsoft, Xanadu, D-Wave, IonQ, Rigetti, Pasqal, and hinted that it was in talks with “other” major institutions. One can only assume that Bosch was one of these institutions.

While initially pitched as a quantum computing for the finance purely, it would appear as though Multiverse Computing might have found more interest and success in applications of its offer in the manufacturing sector, judging by the list of clients they’re amassing.

At present, Multiverse is developing and in the process of implementing bespoke quantum and quantum-inspired algorithms for the Madrid plant, just one piece of Bosch’s global smart factory strategy. If all goes according to plan and Bosch sees improvement in the performance of individual equipment, quality control, and gains in overall efficiencies, including energy and waste management, Multiverse stands to win a continued series of rollouts to additional facilities in Bosch’s global network.

"The collaboration with Multiverse is focused on improving the productivity and competitiveness of our factory by researching the use of quantum and quantum-inspired machine learning tools, aligned with our global Smart Factory strategy. We have a great expectation about the results of the algorithms' development using our Big Data and about to spread this knowledge within Bosch organization,” explained Carlos Conde, Technical Vice President of the Bosch factory in Madrid.

Multiverse Computing is backed by JME Ventures, Quantonation, EASO Ventures, Inveready, CLAVE Capital (Mondragón Fondo de Promoción), Ikerlan, LKS, Penja Strategy, Seed Gipuzkoa and Ezten Venture Capital Fund.

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