Molten Ventures and 19 portfolio companies gather at Nasdaq

Molten Ventures and 19 portfolio companies have gathered at New York's iconic Nasdaq building to share ideas and learn about European tech trends. A bell will be rung (at 9:05 am EST), exposure will be gained and nets will be worked
Molten Ventures and 19 portfolio companies gather at Nasdaq

There aren’t too many things better in life than a gathering of the clan; or in the case of many a VC firm, the CEOs of a number of your portfolio companies. Today, London-based, European tech ecosystem backer Molten Ventures is doing just that. Just not in London.

Apparently, after 16 years in operation, Molten has utilised every single suitable venue in The Big Smoke, broken bread at over 14,000 restaurants, and thus has skipped Londinium in favour of New Amsterdam.

But not just any New York City address will do, as Molten is bringing together 19 of its portfolio companies including Berlin-based Clue, Bucharest-based FintechOS, Cambridge-based FocalPoint Positioning, and Dublin’s Manna at Nasdaq.

Thumbing through the selected portfolio companies, it’s clear that Molten is promoting the widest possible opportunities for the cross-pollination of ideas, learnings, and opportunities. With enterprise and SaaS, consumer tech, digital health, fintech, climate tech, and a personal favourite of mine, hardware-focused deeptech companies all on hand, the gamut is covered.

Naturally, alongside Molten’s closed-door, Chatham house rules sessions, an obvious reason behind the trans-Atlantic trek is to network with, and gain exposure in the US market, one, for all its pluses and minuses, that is simply too big to be ignored, and a target for what surely must be 99.44% of all European-based startups.

In addition to the group ringing the opening bell at 9:05 am EST, each portfolio company will have its name in lights in Times Square, featured prominently on the iconic Nasdaq Tower this morning.

Molten Ventures representatives have promised media assets as they become available and this story will be updated in due course.

Update (in due course): Molten was gracious enough to point me to a highlight reel they've assembled, and I gotta say, not a bad way to spend a Thursday. Not bad 't all.

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