Bioengineered houseplant Neo P1 purifies your home

The climate change fighting house plant is also armed with the ability to capture and recycle household toxins
Bioengineered houseplant Neo P1 purifies your home

What if you could have a perfectly crafted house plant which would improve human health and help fight climate change? Well, you can, and it probably has one of the easiest houseplant names to pronounce Neo P1. It may also be the easiest to keep too as it only needs watered twice a month. 

Today French company Neoplants launched its bioengineered plant called Neo P1 which has been engineered to fight back against environmental damage. 

After over four years of research and tinkering with DNA the perfect houseplant has blossomed thanks to Neoplants research team, led by CTO and co-founder Patrick Torbey, Ph.D. 

The plant's shell is designed to allow maximum air intake. It captures and recycles air pollutants like formaldehyde, benzene, toluene, and xylene making the home air quality a much healthier environment. These particular pollutants have been linked to cancers, COPD and heart disease according to data from the World Health Organisation. 

The pollutants are recycled into building blocks to help it grow - including sugar, water, oxygen, carbon, and amino acids. Thanks to its special soil which contains Biochar - 'it helps the plant grow, provides niches for our microbiome to flourish and is a way to store CO2 out of the atmosphere'.

The company raised $20 million from top investors including True Ventures, Heartcore, Entrepreneur First, Collaborative Fund, and numerous strategic angels including Niklas Zennstrom. 

“For too long, the advance of technology has been at the expense of our environment. Our team views nature as the world’s most powerful technology. It is critical that we use human talent for innovation to partner with, and enhance, our natural world rather than consuming it,” said Lionel Mora, Neoplants CEO and co-founder.

“But we did not want to create an R&D lab with the promise of discoveries far in the future – we are a product company. That means we're pragmatic and action-oriented, and while our mission is global in scale, we chose to start with indoor air pollution as a first use case and a way for everyone to join us today. Neo P1 is not only the first bioengineered plant designed to be a powerful, natural air purifier, but it is also a way for everyone to join our mission.” said Mora.

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