London's Teamed secures £2.5 million to democratise work-from home opportunities

Aiming to cater to increasingly globalised remote IT workforces, Teamed claims its software platform is generating 30% month-on-month growth.
London's Teamed secures £2.5 million to democratise work-from home opportunities

Say what you will about the work-from-home revolution; but it's hard to deny it's done wonders for disenfranchised groups who need flexible work patterns — single mothers, the disabled, and people who would feel marginalised, to name just a few.

There's also the prospect of a truly globalised work pool, where employment and salary rewards transcend borders and help poorer countries close wealth gaps, without the skilled worker having to leave home.

London-based startup Teamed aims to tap into this demand with a global "hiring platform" it says will make recruitment easier for "exciting" career opportunities, and specifically remote work openings.

The startup is announcing its £2.5 million seed round, led by the investment group Blackfinch alongside Nexus Investments and 1818 Venture Capital.

Teamed was founded two years ago. The software platform offers various HR, compliance and payroll tools that let businesses recruit staff in foreign countries, without actually lodging a formalised company registration with national authorities.

"In doing so, the software enables employers to access, without unnecessary expense or delay, the talent they need, whatever their geographical location," Teamed said in a press statement.

The startup's provided figures (from a global study by Ivanti) indicate 71% of IT professionals would prefer the flexibility to log on from anywhere in the world, putting it above receiving a promotion or pay rise.

On the strength of that sentiment, Teamed expects the market for remote recruitment tools to soar ten fold in the next five to ten years.

Teamed wants to double down on the global opportunity of remote working by tailoring a "hyper-local" approach to connecting up workforces overseas.

It says it has already removed many "barriers" and helped assign workers from the African continent — just one example where access to global labour markets could have dramatic effect.

Reuben Wilcock, ventures director at Blackfinch, said: "Teamed has a strong management team, led by an experienced founder with deep domain expertise.

"Over the past year, it has expanded operations globally, making a real impact in countries where employment opportunities are lacking, and posted impressive 10x annual recurring revenue growth. 

"Based on the positive early traction and the significant rise in remote employment, we feel that through this latest investment, Teamed is perfectly poised to expand and gain a sizeable market share in the $25bn payroll and outsource HR solutions market.”

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