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This is how you do a great online job interview

Whether you're shopping for a new job by choice or because of "other" events, here's how you ace an online job interview
This is how you do a great online job interview

You’ve done the job hunting, personalised the CV, and sent a killer cover letter – now you just have to ace the interview, which is easy because it’s a virtual first round. Right? 

Not exactly. Virtual interviews may have become run-of-the-mill, but that doesn’t mean you treat them any differently than an in-person meeting. In fact, there are more things to consider with a virtual interview than you might immediately think. 

Check the tech 

You want to use whatever technology that has the best quality video and WiFi capabilities, not the best display. Think about it. Your laptop or desktop might make the interview a more enjoyable experience for you, but what about the interviewer? If the video or WiFi capability of your mobile phone is better than your desktop equipment, consider using it for the interview. And trial it first. Are you sure you know how you silence notifications while on your phone, and are the controls the same? You want to make this as easy for the interviewer as you can. 

Remain detail-focused 

This means dressing as you would for an in-person interview, ensuring your background is neutral, and paying attention to the smaller details like sound and lighting. Wearing shoes might seem like a detail you can omit, but some psychologists suggest that wearing work shoes will put you in a professional frame of mind. 

Whether you go that far is up to you, but lighting and sound cannot be ignored. Wearing earphones not only cuts out background noise but will also help the interviewer hear you a little better, and conducting the interview facing a natural source of light will be the most flattering. 

Use a cheat sheet 

Saving on commuting time is one bonus of virtual interviews, but it’s not the best one: the top benefit that comes from interviewing over Zoom is that you can place notes and reminders in your eye line to ensure you give the best answers to questions. 

If you’re applying for a role that requires experience with particular software or experience in a niche sector, having examples of your skills in that area to hand will set you apart from other candidates. Cheat sheets with one-word reminders on them will ensure you don’t forget to bring up relevant information that may otherwise slip your mind. 

It’s also a good idea to prepare questions you have about the role and the company, and write them down somewhere you can see them. We’ve all been in a situation where, when put on the spot, our minds go blank and we forget our prep work. A carefully placed and worded cheat sheet will ensure this won’t happen.  

Bag the interview

Now that you have the technique down, you just need to bag the interview for your dream job – which is where the Job Board comes in. It is filled with roles from leading tech companies, all recruiting across different departments and levels. We’ve selected three exciting roles below, and be sure to explore the job board to see all it has to offer. 

Digital Designer, Monzo 

The Role: As a Digital Designer with Monzo you will have creative input across all areas of Monzo’s performance requirements, developing new ideas and spotting creative opportunities to communicate the brand and engage with target audiences.

The Responsibilities: You will be responsible for designing and animating assets for paid marketing channels using static and video content, helping to communicate Monzo’s diverse product offering to audiences and drive engagement.

The Requirements: You will have experience working on creative concepts for campaigns and experience with motion design in AfterEffects as part of your design skill set. In addition, you will have an in-depth working knowledge of creative best practice by paid channel/platform. 

Apply for the Digital Designer role or browse all available opportunities at Monzo

Backend Software Engineer, Zilch

The Role: As a Backend Software Engineer with Zilch you will be working for Europe's fastest ever double unicorn fintech, creating open source software. 

The Responsibilities: You will be analysing software for new features, designs, and releases as well as exploratory testing to ensure the platform maintains high standards as it grows.

The Requirements: You will have four years’ experience in Java software development, four years using Spring Boot and a positive, collaborative attitude and approach to testing.

Apply for the Backend Software Engineer position or browse all available roles at Zilch

Creative Planning & Strategy Director, Havas 

The Role: The Creative Planning & Strategy Director with Havas will work as a senior member of the team, delivering best in class creative and content solutions that span a full 360 offering. 

The Responsibilities: You will be responsible for delivering market leading strategies for a portfolio of global clients as well as contributing to new business pitches.

The Requirements: You will have significant experience working on new business pitches as well as a track record of inspiring confidence in the right solution for clients.

Apply for the Creative Planning & Strategy Director role or browse all available roles with Havas

Explore the job board and browse hundreds of roles currently available 

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