French tech consultancy Talan Group expands headcount above 800; buys up Belgian AI/data specialists Dataroots

Tie-up is set to advance Talan Group's data intelligence plans and provide a global stage for the AI engineering talents of Dataroots' 100-person workforce.
French tech consultancy Talan Group expands headcount above 800; buys up Belgian AI/data specialists Dataroots

The Paris-based tech innovation and transformation consultancy Talan Group has confirmed it has bought Belgian smart data engineering algorithm startup Dataroots.

Leuven-based Dataroots uses its data algorithm platform to build enterprise artificial intelligence, data engineering platforms and underlying data infrastructures.

AI's adoption in the enterprise is often thought of in three waves of automation, the first of those being rule-based AI tech with prebaked rules, established by the business client, which govern how intelligent algorithms decide judgements.

In recent years a second cohort of automation tools has entered the ascendancy, providing highly diversified autonomous intelligence - think GPT-3 or some of the more advanced health algorithms and industrial robots.

But AI developers still have to convince companies which may see the tech as overhyped or too challenging to implement. Not every AI commission is successful from the customer's perspective, which means poor feedback for automation will clash with more positive examples in the enterprise marketplace.

Democratising AI is vital to spur widespread enterprise adoption. Not every company is at par in terms of their IT resources and data engineers. There's a need for tools that can level up small-to-medium sized companies, whose rewards from automation may be even greater than their larger peers.

Dataroots claims to offer a complete suite of software, infrastructure and consultancy to put new adopters of next-gen AI and data algorithms on the right track.

The software encompasses "smart algorithms" tailored to decision making goals that can be applied in the enterprise. Under the hood lies cloud native data stacks designed to ease implementation as well as a comprehensive guidance repository, setting out the path to effective AI data strategies, governance and team training.

Talan Group has spent decades in the tech consultancy game  — starting in 2002  — and it seems convinced it has banked value by snapping Dataroots up.

The deal also speaks to the exit potential for the next crop of AI outsourcing and consultancy-led innovators. Dataroots' 100-person team will join Talan Group's existing data intelligence unit, bringing the latter's headcount to above 800 expert consultants, working from across a myriad of international locations.

Mehdi Houas, president of Talan Group, said: "We are very pleased that Dataroots is joining the Talan adventure.

"This project is part of our "Ambition 2025" plan in which we have great international aspirations around the valorisation of data ​ and the Data Intelligence technologies. "

Dataroots CEO Jonas Tundo added: "We are thrilled and looking forward to this next growth chapter of Dataroots.

"This strategic alliance with Talan Group reinforces our commitment to pushing the boundaries of AI and leveraging its potential to drive progress and innovation on a global scale. 

"The collaboration will bring exciting opportunities for the team, the clients and our organisation, as we continue to expand our international reach and impact." 

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