Employing digital CBT to help manage ADHD symptoms, Inflow raises $11 million

Y Combinator graduate Inflow has now raised over $14 million to date to deliver digital CBT exercises for managing ADHD.
Employing digital CBT to help manage ADHD symptoms, Inflow raises $11 million

Inflow, a London/US-HQed digital health startup employing app-based cognitive behavioural therapy to address the neurodivergent condition ADHD, has announced an $11 million series A raise.

The Europe-wide VC Octopus Ventures leads this raise with participation from early-stage London investor Hoxton Ventures and the Virginia-based Route 66 Ventures, whose investment remit spans health tech and financial services.

ADHD stands for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. Often diagnosed in children, ADHD is a life-long condition and some people receive their diagnosis late during adulthood.

According to Inflow CBT is considered gold standard because it promotes self-regulation by ADHD patients, encouraging new routines to subdue unproductive outcomes and learn new coping mechanisms.

With its app, Inflow aims to let ADHD patients use a digital app to receive CBT.  Public mental health boards often struggle to cope with demand, so immediacy often is one of the key advantages of digital health alternatives. We've seen similar trends before with virtual counselling both sides of the Atlantic and clinically-validated treatments such as meditation.

A  2021 graduate of the Y Combinator programme, Inflow's clinical validation stems from the founding role of a 10-year clinical psychology veteran, Dr. George Sachs, who specialises in ADHD treatment. Sachs' own lived experiences with ADHD led him to compile a book — "Adult ADD Solution" — to assist with self-regulation.

Ex-Babylon Health product manager Levi Epstein assisted Dr. Sachs setting up the company as did blockchain technology specialist Seb Isaacs.

The team have so far sought over $14 million funding, with the latest round set aside for product development and recruitment.

Commenting on the deal, Octopus Ventures partner Will Gibbs said: "People with ADHD represent around 10% of the global population and Inflow is offering a new way to help them access the most effective support.

"The team has built a community of users who are already seeing a real impact on their lives and Inflow's B2C “global from day 1” approach means there is an opportunity to quickly reach meaningful scale. We believe Inflow can become a world-changing business making a huge impact on people's lives, and not just those with ADHD but in a range of neurological areas in the future.”

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