Pointerpro seals €950,000 to spur overseas growth for its digitised consulting workflows

Startup aims to let consultancies run automated self-assessment work using self-reporting questionnaires, prebaked metrics and standardised PDF designs.
Pointerpro seals €950,000 to spur overseas growth for its digitised consulting workflows

Antwerp-HQed Pointerpro is taking aim at digitisation of consultancy workflows. It's announcing a €950,000 fundraise aimed at carving a path to overseas growth, with the funds wholly made up of debt from the Flemish asset manager PMV.

Founded in 2012, Pointerpro lets consultancies execute "if, then" computer prompts to automate enterprise assessments, like growth audits, energy consumption and project feedback. It then standardises each evaluation by compiling digital questionnaires, responses from which are then crunched automatically using the client's consulting criteria, before publishing in clean PDF format.

Consultancy, an umbrella term, often bands together a diverse range of business functions. And Pointerpro says the sector has proven a laggard in adopting digital tech, preferring to stay wedded to old-fashioned manual workflows.

Manual lifting impedes efforts by consultancies to scale, as smaller consultants must source labour to juggle preparatory work for their growth objectives, while also keeping hands on deck operationally.

With its software, Pointerpro wants to automate rudimentary case loads, allowing consulting professionals to focus on higher-level decision making.

The feedback element of its pitch also enables use of Pointerpro's platform in other enterprise sectors, for instance in crafting HR reports or running audience metrics.

Stefan Debois, the company's CEO, said: "By digitising repetitive tasks, consultants can focus on more challenging tasks where the human touch is indispensable," 

"This not only makes companies more productive, but it also increases their consultants’ job satisfaction.”

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