Catering to the tenant's every need, Chainels locks down €3 million

Digital property management startups such as Rotterdam-based Chainels let realty owners unlock substantial value by fostering better occupier experiences.
Catering to the tenant's every need, Chainels locks down €3 million

There can't be too many digital real estate startups out there who can lay claim to operating in 16 European markets, as well as launching an additional play in Latin America.

With its digital tenant experience app targeted at realty firms, Rotterdam's Chainels has done just that, though it has quite a large headstart on some given its launch came nearly 10 years ago.

Digital represents upheaval for European tenants familiar with the classic property renting formula: they put down a deposit, the landlord takes the rent, and hopefully they won't have to move again for a while.

Chainels wants to change all of that with its tenant "experience" software, creating holistic residential communities powered by its app-led local activities and networking directory, as well as connecting neighbours to become good friends in its discussion forum.

From the property owner's standpoint, it's about improving customer service. Chainels has support for key real estate metrics baked into its platform, while also offering direct messaging to reach residents more easily.

Perks like cleaning and gym membership can be also arranged ensuring tenants feel pampered and lead elite club lifestyles.

As of now, Chainels is supporting 400 tenant communities, and it has assisted with property digitisation across portfolios owned by Amvest and Multi Corporation.

The close to €3 million raise is provided by two Belgian investors. Leuven's Capricorn Partners is investing from its digital growth fund, together with the Antwerp-HQed investor Aconterra.

Chainels is now expanding by rolling out its platform beyond real estate, entering the travel sector through partnership deals with Vienna AirportCity and a supplier for Dutch national railways.

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