Serpertine Ventures backs $8.3 million round for Swiss tuition platform evulpo

evulpo is pitching a freemium self-service school tuition platform, featuring short-form video and interactive learning.
Serpertine Ventures backs $8.3 million round for Swiss tuition platform evulpo

Swiss ed tech startup evulpo has raised $8.3 million in funds. The seed round is co-led by the domestic VC Serpertine Ventures and angel investor Dario Fazlic, one of the pioneers behind German insurance tech unicorn wefox

evulpo provides a personal tuition platform enabling primary and secondary school pupils to access explanatory short-form videos online, along with interactive exercises of varying difficulty.

In each of its operating markets evulpo aims to ensure its educational content relates to the actual courses taught in primary school and high school. 

The platform currently has 500,000 users and is the creation of 34-year old entrepreneur Christian Marty along with fellow co-founders Manuel Kant and Jonas Feldmann. Marty previously founded Zurich-based tuition school Schlaumacher.

evulpo's platform includes a free access tier, which it anticipates will reach students around the world "regardless of  their origin or financial background."

It's a freemium model that should also generate revenue - customers can pay an annual subscription to access detailed statistics about their tuition journey, but otherwise the free tier should offer similar educational value, think Spotify without the ads.

At the moment, evulpo is available in seven European markets (Germany, Switzerland, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal and the UK.) It proposes to invest seed funds to expand into South America and Africa, with launches in both continents slated for the fourth quarter.

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