Turnover tops €20 million at hybrid workplace digitisation company Klaxoon

An expansion into North America is seemingly paying dividends.
Turnover tops €20 million at hybrid workplace digitisation company Klaxoon

Rennes-based visual project teams platform Klaxoon recently confirmed its annual turnover has risen above €20 million.

Founded in 2015, Klaxoon's collaborative software suite connects project management teams through visual interfaces including collaboration whiteboards, presentations and surveys. The platform helps designers cut back on emails and team meetings, and can also be employed in other teamwork environments to incorporate agile design principles.

In the last eight years Klaxoon has seized a French market foothold, winning public sector deployments and contracts from CAC40 companies. Klaxoon's blue chip clients in France include Airbus and La Poste.

German, UK and North American remote workforces have also signed up. Klaxoon has office space in Boston and its clients include National Bank of Canada's project management team.

Later this year Klaxoon will launch a new product version aimed at strengthening problem-solving design capacity, for instance providing integrations with Atlassian's project management benchmarking tool, JIRA.

Newly-appointed CEO Hervé Simonin, a broadcasting and internet services veteran, was hired to direct the next phase of Klaxoon's growth strategy.

Simonin's track record includes tenures at French broadcaster Canal + and the supermarket chain Carrefoure, as well as a founding role at internet service provider Freesbee.

Commenting on the appointment, Simonin said: "I was seduced by Klaxoon and its innovative technology.  In the world of technology, Klaxoon distinguished itself by its meteoric rise amongst the largest international players in collaborative solutions. 

"Today, Klaxoon has become a reference for new ways of working. Its technology is used by all of the CAC 40 players and companies of all sizes around the world. It is the tool we all need to move forward faster and better."

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