UK's "first" on-demand medicines courier Healistic raises £1 million

Healistic is launching the UK's first rapid delivery fleet for bringing pharmaceutical-grade medicines to patients.

Healistic is thought to be the UK's first business-to-consumer pharmaceuticals delivery service. The startup has raised £1 million from unnamed investors to bring pharmacist-only medicines directly to the front door of UK patients, aiming to reach them within 45 minutes of their order being placed.

At the moment, common medicines can be purchased from some of the main UK on-demand delivery players. Painkillers can be bought from companies like Deliveroo and Getir, but there hasn't been a competitor delivering OTC medicines to treat long-term chronic conditions.

In the future, Healistic plans to also offer prescription medicines, i.e. drugs the doctor needs to sign off on. 

Serial health entrepreneur Daniel Bulkin is leading the company as CEO. In a press statement emailed to, Bulkin commented: "“This funding round has allowed us to introduce a product to market that will serve the digital patient at a crucial time.

"Against a backdrop of increased uncertainty within the NHS, including strikes and supply chain issues, Healistic aims to alleviate these pressures by connecting patients to the appropriate healthcare solutions through a trusted, centralised system. 

"We believe that immediate healthcare should be accessible to everyone. Healistic is building a category leader in the ‘Open Healthcare’ revolution, a parallel to the ‘Open Banking’ revolution, which began in the last decade.”

Kevin Heath, an adviser to Healistic's management, who previously served Boots as executive board director, said: "As a first-mover in the UK healthcare space, Healistic is providing a modern and convenient customer experience while helping partner pharmacies expand their radius and customer reach. 

"Healistic's asset-light model will allow for quick expansion in terms of geography and service offering, which will be highly valuable for consumers and healthcare professionals.” 

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