January 2023: Deals, exits and a less than stellar start to the year

Every month, the Tech.eu research team digs into the numbers and brings you a fresh perspective on the European tech ecosystem. Let's dive into the month that was January.
January 2023: Deals, exits and a less than stellar start to the year

Although it was to be expected, or at least hoped, that the beginning of the new year would bring some changes to the European technology scene, the data our research team tracked showed otherwise. The trend that was noticeable when we summarized 2022, with all the drops in the second half of the year, unfortunately, continued in the first month of 2023.

According to Tech.eu data, in January 2023, European tech companies collected €4.7 billion through 384 funding deals. Just for the sake of comparison, in January 2022 €11.7 billion was collected through 448 deals, while, as we can see, the first month of 2023 showed a significant drop (around 60% in total funding of the previous year, although the number of deals fell by around 14%). 

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