From lights to labour, Beryl raises £2 million to open factory in Poole

Armed with a fresh £2 million, UK micromobility firm Beryl aims to scale its UK manufacturing operations
From lights to labour, Beryl raises £2 million to open factory in Poole

London-based micromobility firm Beryl has raised a fresh £2 million in new funds provided by Frontier Development Capital. The investment is slated to support the development of a new factory based in Poole, Dorset. Including this investment, since late 2012 Beryl has raised approximately £23.3 million and is backed by Entrepreneur First, Sir Richard Branson, Index Ventures, and British Business Bank to name a few.

A B-Corp registered company, Beryl holds the unique distinction of, according to the company, being the only UK-based micromobility provider that designs, develops, and manufactures its own technology and products. 

Not only does this approach reduce the company’s dependence on global supply chains and shrink its carbon footprint, but if a certain other e-bike maker's track record of quality control is any yardstick to measure by, perhaps it’s clear to see why and how Beryl’s keeping-it-close-to-home approach has been a success.

“We’re already recognised for meeting exceptional standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency, and the investment will also allow us to take this to the next level by boosting our UK manufacturing capacity and contributing to UK industry,” commented Beryl co-founder and CEO Philip Ellis.

If the name Beryl isn’t jumping right off the page at you, you might remember that the company’s additional co-founder is Emily Brooke, a cyclist and designer that created the company’s very first product, the Laserlight under the brand name Blaze. 

Brooke’s research found that cyclists using a Laserlight were 32 percent more visible to drivers, eventually leading to the technology being adopted by bike hire fleets in New York, Montreal, and perhaps most notably, London where they can be seen today on every Boris Santander Bike.

Moving well beyond just a light, the company now runs a bike hire service of its own, offering e-bike, e-cargo bike, and e-scooter services in locations around the country, including Norwich, Watford, Hereford, Bournemouth, the Isle of Wight, Hackney, Greater Manchester, Cornwall, and Solent.

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