Luna’s daily reminder to wash your whoo-ha as intimate body care brand raises $3.7 million to establish platform

The UK start-up announced it will establish a platform to educate and support women around intimate care, and a new partnership with Sephora
Luna’s daily reminder to wash your whoo-ha as intimate body care brand raises $3.7 million to establish platform

London-based intimate body care brand Luna Daily has secured a fresh $3.7 million in funding which will be used to establish a female intelligence platform as it launches in global beauty retailer, Sephora.

The round was led by Redrice, Joyance Partners, Velocity Juice and also includes angel investment. 

“We back early stage businesses that have the courage and insight, foresight and resilience to try and rewrite the agendas and accepted norms. Katy has smuggled the difficult conversations into mainstream parlance with a surefooted elegance, evidenced by her partnership with Sephora, whose purpose is not to shock rather to delight its shoppers. We felt Luna Daily is shockingly delightful and we’re thrilled to be a part of the journey,” says Robert Senior, Partner at Redrice. 

The ‘tech’ part of Luna Daily will be a platform which will provide educational resources for women on how to look after their intimate bits and will include a 24/7 live chat function with medical experts to improve education around intimate care. Luna Daily wants to ‘eradicate shame and normalise the conversation around intimate care’. 

Luna Daily products are microbiome-balancing body care for all skin types and is designed for women and people with vulvas whether they are experiencing puberty, motherhood, menopause and all the other weird and wonderful things that can happen to your vagina in between. 

“For so many women, their intimate skin is an afterthought, only prioritised when there is a ‘problem’ and they’re forced to use outdated feminine hygiene products which have ‘what’s wrong with her?’ associations,” says Katy Cottam, founder and CEO of Luna Daily.

“My vision is to get rid of this ‘feminine hygiene’ category altogether. I created Luna Daily to give women a choice about how they care for their bodies - as we say, from head, vulva, knees and toes.”

“We’re proud to be leading the next evolution in the female wellness category and Sephora is the perfect retail partner, boldly championing this category and celebrating innovations from emerging brands like ours. It's a huge milestone for a UK start-up to be the first ever UK brand of our kind to launch in Sephora, helping to grow this category and educate their clients,” she says. 

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