Zound Industries turns the partnership up to 11, acquires Marshall

In operation since 1962, the Milton Keynes-based makers of iconic amplifiers Marshall has been acquired by Sweden’s Zound Industries.
Zound Industries turns the partnership up to 11, acquires Marshall

In 1962 Jim Marshall, aka Father (and/or Lord) of Loud, and his son Terry began assembling the amplifiers that bear his name and go on to drive some of the most iconic sounds of the past half-century. 

A fixture on both stage and studio, every artist under the sun, this author included, waited for the day they could plug into a Marshall, turn that drive dial to 10, strike a root, fifth, octave, better known as the power chord, and experience the smile that only a Marshall amp can deliver.

In 2010, Marshall sought to expand its offer beyond “just” guitar and bass amps, and entered into a partnership with Stockholm-based Zound Industries, leveraging and iconic name and offering consumers “other” high-quality audio products including headphones and portable speakers.

Announced today, that 13 year partnership has now turned into a wholly owned venture, with Zound Industries acquiring Mashall Amplification, including its subsidiaries Natal Drums, Marshall Records, and Marshall Live Agency, for an undisclosed sum.

“Since my father and I created the original Marshall amp back in 1962, we have always looked for ways to deliver the pioneering Marshall sound to music lovers of all backgrounds and music tastes across the world – and I’m confident that the Marshall Group will elevate this mission and spur the love for the Marshall brand,” commented Terry Marshall. 

According to a statement issued by Zound Industries, the Marshall family will become the largest shareholder in the newly formed Marshall Group at 24%. Jim Marshall’s children, Victoria and Terry Marshall, along with granddaughter Joanne Marshall-Price, Paul Marshall, and the Marshall Charitable Trust are expected to play key roles within the new entity to ensure the legacy of the famous Marshall sound and brand. Terry and Victoria Marshall will join the board of Marshall Group. 

Speaking to the acquisition, and not missing the opportunity to credit Nigel Tufnel, Zound Industries founder Konrad Bergström commented, “Spinal Tap features one of cinema’s most iconic scenes when Nigel shows off how his Marshall guitar amplifier can turn ‘up to eleven’, but what we are announcing today is no parody: Marshall Group is going to go beyond established rules and limits and define a new sonic lifestyle category. We are going to Live Loud!” 

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