10 European edtech companies that are reimagining how we learn

Education is characterised by innovation. With this in mind, we're highlighting 10 European edtech companies to keep your eye on, two out of which, zick Learn and imagi will be joining us at the Tech.eu Summit in a few weeks.

As individuals, the way we learn and acquire knowledge is unique. What works for one doesn't always work for another. That's why edtech tools provide a wide spectrum of possibilities and creativity in the process of creating individualised lesson plans and learning experiences, which through their adaptability should stimulate and boost the learning capabilities of everyone.

Today, we're highlighting 10 European edtech companies that are trying to make a change and improve the way we all learn and work, and we're sure that they're on the right track.

As an added bonus, Dublin's “text messages based training courses” provider zick learn co-founder and CEO Matteo Penzo and Stockholm-based zero-to-hero coding platform for students and teachers Imagi's co-founder and CEO, Dora Palfi will be joining us on stage at the Tech.eu Summit in Brussels on the 24th of May.

If you want to hear more from and/or have a chance to rub shoulders with these edtech leaders, now is the time to grab your ticket!

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