Italy’s RBF player Viceversa adds €10 million to the coffers, hints at white label service

The Milan-based fintech has now supported the growth of over 100 companies in six countries and aims to keep on keepin' on.
Italy’s RBF player Viceversa adds €10 million to the coffers, hints at white label service

Milan’s revenue-based financing fintech Viceversa has closed a Series A funding round that will see the company have an additional €10 million in working capital as it continues to support the growth of namely e-commerce and marketplace startups.

The €10 million Series A round was led by CDP Venture Capital, with Azimut Libera Impresa SGR (Azimut Digitech fund), Kairos Partners SGR (Kairos Ventures ESG One fund), Italian Angels for Growth (IAG), Fabrick, Raffaele Terrone (founder of Scalapay) and Paolo Galvani (founder of Moneyfarm) participating.

In combination with the company’s seed round announced in late 2021, Viceversa has now raised €33 million in equity and debt funding and says that its total portfolio value is now in excess of €25 million.

Much like every other RBF player on the pitch, Viceversa points to relying on data to make informed decisions about which companies they decide to hand out tickets generally ranging anywhere between €10,000 and €5 million to. 

The company reports the ability to plug into companies’ accounts to receive the data required to make investment management and decisions presumably by a series of APIs.

“The first full year of activity has allowed us to establish our product in six countries in Europe,” commented Viceversa CEO and co-founder Matteo Masserdotti. “Now we are ready to enter our next phase of expansion, always focused on the development of data-driven solutions to better support the growth of companies of the future.”

So far so good, and to be quite honest, nothing really extraordinary happening here. There are plenty of other RBF players that offer a number of similar services and compelling offers. 

In the wake of a number of troubling times for the ecosystem, particularly in the way of financing, Masserdotti has hinted at a new service soon to be made available by Viceversa that could help set them apart from an increasingly crowded pool:

“Our new white label solution will become the cornerstone for many e-commerce and Marketplace leaders willing to generate more value for their customers precisely at a time like this when companies are facing extreme difficulty raising capital.”

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