10 European Space tech companies whose orbiting improves life on Earth

While there might be a certain American space tech company that grabs headlines, that's not to say that Europe doesn't have its fair share of innovators. Here are 10 European space tech outfits worth having a look at.

The term “space tech” refers to any technology that supports or enables travel to space or activities conducted in space. These activities can be conducted with the aim of researching the not-so-known space, but also with the aim of using space technology to improve our everyday life here on terra firma.

Today we bring you a list of 10 European space tech companies that share the same goal and that is to use technology in space in order to improve life on Earth. Some of these companies are creating technology that enables access to space, some are using satellites and hosted cameras in space to gather news and information about what’s happening on Earth and in space, while some use high-resolution thermal data from space in order to help the globe address its sustainability challenges through high-resolution thermal imaging. And many more!

Of note: Space DOTS CEO and Co-founder Bianca Cefalo and Skyrora Founder and CEO Volodymyr Levykin will join us in a discussion about the economic, social, environmental and political growing impact of the space tech industry on May 24th at Tech.eu Summit.

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